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The quests in Destiny 2’s newest update Season of the Lost can be a little confusing, especially if you don’t know where you’re going. Here are all the Atlas Skew locations and how to reach them. 

There are only a handful of quests that you can start after completing the opening quest for Season of the Lost, and Tracing the Stars is by far the most challenging of them. Setting the players on a fetch quest from Mara Sov, you’ll explore the entirety of the Dreaming City across the four weeks of Tracing the Stars.

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The first version of the quest takes place in the Divalian Mists portion of the map, but it also veers into the Spine of Keres towards the end.

Even after collecting the five Atlas Skews, you’ll still have to complete the additional quest A Hollow Coronation before you can accept the reward that waits for you each week.

Here’s what you need to know about Tracing the Stars I


How to start Tracing the Stars I

Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef, has a quest for you.

Tracing the Stars I only becomes available after you complete the Season of the Lost introductory quest, and requires you to have started Wayfinder Voyage I.

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You can find Tracing the Stars I at the Wayfinder Compass in the H.E.L.M. at the same time you receive the IOTA Draconis. The first step in the quest is to speak with Mara Sov, who will be in her chambers on the other side of the portal.

After talking with Mara she will instruct you to collect the five Atlas Skews that are scattered through the Dreaming City.

Where to find the Atlas Skews?

All of the skews can be found by starting in the same place. Fast travel to the Divalian Mists and use the spot you spawn in as a frame of reference for all five locations.

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This is your anchor point for all five of the Atlas Skews. Use it to orient yourself.

Divalian – Cimmerian Path

The path to this skew is straightforward – literally. After you fast travel to the Divalian Mist, walk in the same direction you face on arrival. You’ll find a small alcove in the middle of the rock wall that separates the lower portion of this area and the Rheasilvia gate. Walk inside the cave and collect the skew.

Divalian – Rheasilvia Cliffside Path

The path to this skew isn’t much more difficult than the first one. You’ll begin the same way as you did for the first path, but instead of staying straight, follow the path that leads left of the Rheasilvia gate. This path takes you towards an icy cave and the edge of the cliffs. Once you’re here, move to the middle of the cliff’s edge and peer down below. There will be some larger grassy patches that are safe to land on, and the Atlas Skew will be waiting for you on the bottommost one.

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Bay of Drowned Wishes Path

The path to this Atlas Skew is marked by a white painting.

From the Divalian Mists starting point, turn to your right and look for the cave entrance with a white painting beside it. Following that cave will take you into the Bay of Drowned Wishes. Once you reach the exit, stick to the right wall as you make your way around the horde of enemies in front of you. The Atlas Skew sits in plain sight just around the corner.

Spine – Oracle Orrery Path

For this skew, begin following the same path you took for Cliffside skew. This time, follow the path through the icy cave and out to the other side. Hop across the two gaps in your path and continue forward into the Spine of Keres. Once here, continue toward the castle-like structure ahead of you.

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Once there, continue on the path until you arrive at the orrery, the room with the spinning model of the universe lit with a purple glow. Find the stairs on the right side and follow them all the way up. You’ll find the skew sitting between two small benches

Spine – Distant Island Tree Path

There are a few ways to reach this path, but we’ll be looking at the least mechanically intensive one. You’ll still have to a little hovering to get around, but it’s much easier than the alternatives.

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To begin, return to the Spine of Keres and make your way back towards the castle. Instead of moving straight ahead towards the Orrery, keep left until you find the first blue bridge. Continue following this path upwards until you reach the bridge that connects with the purple-colored rock passageway.

a blue bridge leads to a purple colored pathway. This is where a player would jump down to reach the floating islands. Bungie
This is the bridge you’re looking for. Just underneath lies the path to the floating islands.

From there, jump down below to the area with the four model planet structures. Continue through the front gate, and across the next two bridges until you reach the floating islands.

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You’ll need to hop from island to island, making your way down the path that is naturally outlined in the ground. Once you reach the furthest island, you should find the Atlas Skew sitting out in the open on your lefthand side.

Complete A Hollow Coronation

This is the final step of the quest. Deposit the Skews here in the Gatehouse and claim your prize.

In order to get the final reward for Tracing the Stars I, you’ll also want to pick up A Hollow Coronation. This quest is found back at the H.E.L.M. where a new marker waits for you. Pick up the quest, and then head back through the portal as you did before. Instead of being in Mara Sov’s chambers, this time you’ll end up at the Caliburn Gatehouse. Once you’re inside, follow your waypoint to the appropriate station, and deposit the Atlas Skews.

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Turn in Tracing the Stars I

Once you’re done inside the Gatehouse, travel back to the compass at the H.E.L.M. and collect your reward: Vulpecula, a Legendary kinetic hand cannon.

That’s all for this guide. Venture forth with your shiny new hand cannon and blast your way forward as Season of the Lost continues to roll out weekly challenges and content.

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