Music DJ asks for Destiny 2 raid checkpoint in the middle of a rave

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Vault of Glass

A DJ performing at a rave asked attendees if anyone had the checkpoint to a Destiny 2 raid boss while in the middle of their set.

Destiny 2 can be a rather addictive game. With the potential of gaining new god rolls on weapons and armor, as well as the chance of gaining that new exotic to perfect your build, Bungie has players on the hook on their looter shooter. Destiny 2 players often grind the game for hundreds of hours, looking to optimize their Guardian and create the strongest builds available.

Certain exotics can only be gained by completing the hardest content available in Destiny 2, raids. Raids require a fireteam of up to 6 members to coordinate their way through a long-form dungeon and take down the boss at the end for exclusive rewards. Players don’t need to do it all in one seating, however, as completing an encounter will reward them with a checkpoint allowing them to come back later to complete it.

Some players utilize the checkpoint system within the game to save checkpoints for others, allowing them to skip over to a certain encounter within the raid and save it for themselves. One such player looking to grab a certain checkpoint was DJ Gammer, who was performing at Sydney’s Midnight Mafia music festival.

Destiny 2 DJ asks music festival attendees for an Atheon checkpoint

At around 25 minutes through their set, Gammer showed off their love for Destiny by asking a rather obscure question.

“Yo, who’s got the Atheon checkpoint?” announced the DJ.

Whilst being a bit of a confusing reference for most ravers in the audience, Destiny fans would’ve been more than happy to discover a fellow Guardian amongst them at the event.

It’s uncertain why DJ Gammer was looking for the Atheon checkpoint in particular, with the most recent raid in Destiny being the Root of Nightmares. However, Destiny 2 players around the world hope they’re able to grab that elusive Vex Mythoclast soon.