Leaked Destiny 2 footage uncovers mysterious red subclass ahead of The Final Shape reveal

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Solar Subclass image

New Destiny 2 footage has surfaced online leaking a potential red subclass and super ahead of The Final Shape’s showcase in August later this year.

Destiny 2 is a game all about shooting and looting your way across the galaxy. Taking down the enemies of humanity through various means to score some of the best weapons on offer. Of course, weapons aren’t the only things available in a Guardian’s arsenal, with supernatural powers of both light and dark to spice things up.

As of the moment, we’ve got three light subclasses and two dark subclasses. However with the release of The Final Shape, many have suspected that we’d be receiving the third and final darkness subclass. Following alongside the subclasses before it, this new darkness subclass will likely contain several aspects and fragments for players to customize to their liking.

With The Final Shape close upon the horizon, players are speculating what the theme of the next subclass will be. Though it now appears that players no longer need to speculate what potential subclass we may be receiving thanks to some recent leaks.

Destiny 2 red subclass potentially leaked ahead of August showcase

Footage has surfaced online of a potential leak of the next subclass in Destiny 2. Whilst not explicitly stated, we can see that the abilities in the video have a red charge system. This generally indicates the color of the subclass that the ability is attributed to.

Alongside this, it appears that the Guardian in the video also had a new super equipped, with an icon that the community hasn’t seen before.

Once again this information is all based on leaks so none of it has been confirmed as of yet, however, players pointed out that this is the exact way Strand was leaked before Lightfall, giving some credibility to the video.

One thing is for certain however, we’ll definitely learn more about this mysterious subclass come August when Bungie puts on their showcase for The Final Shape.