Lance Reddick’s wife thanks Destiny 2 players for heartwarming tribute

Carver Fisher
Lance Reddick's wife destiny 2 tribute

A short time after the tragic news of Lance Reddick’s passing, Destiny 2 players gathered to hold vigils in tribute to Commander Zavala — the character Reddick voiced for almost a decade. His wife has noticed the outpouring of support for her late husband and has gone out of her way to thank these players.

News of Lance Reddick’s passing stunned many, with fans of his on-screen and in-game appearances as an actor showing their support for him in their own ways.

Aside from social media being flooded by some of his most iconic appearances, Destiny 2 players chose to gather around Commander Zavala, the character Reddick has voiced since Destiny came out, and held vigils beside him.

Lance Reddick’s wife, Stephanie, has given a special nod to Destiny fans for their love and support following his sudden passing.

Lance Reddick’s wife thanks Destiny fans for their support

Reddick had a massive impact across his illustrious acting career. From on-screen appearances in the John Wick films or The Wire, to his exploits in games such as Sylens in the Horizon series and Commander Zavala in Destiny, he had a diverse and memorable set of appearances across all different kinds of media.

Destiny players in particular were devastated by the news, with Commander Zavala’s voice having guided them through many adventures in the Destiny universe.

In a tweet giving her thanks for support of Lance’s fans all over the world, Stephanie Reddick specifically gave a nod to Destiny 2 players for their unique way of honoring her late husband.

“To the thousands of Destiny players who played in special tribute to Lance, thank you. Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”

Players were spotted holding vigils en masse, using their in-game emotes to lay their weapons down and take a moment of silence for the esteemed actor.

Bungie, the developers behind Destiny, also took the time to put out a message to communicate just how invested Lance was in his role as Commander Zavala and the dedication he had to putting his best foot forward in the years he’d been working with the team.