Guardians discover Lance Reddick was playing Destiny 2 the night before he passed away

Zavala in Destiny 2Bungie

A Guardian went digging and found that beloved Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick was playing Destiny 2 the night before he passed away.

Destiny 2 voice actor Lance Reddick was beloved by the community, his portrayal of Zavala throughout the game’s many years left a memorable impression on the player base. There were many times when Lance would inspire the Destiny community, bringing in videos and more, encouraging and lifting spirits alike.

Unfortunately, Lance Reddick suddenly passed away a few days ago, causing the community to come together in solidarity to remember all he had done for the game. Lance was so deeply entwined within the Destiny 2 space that his wife came forward and gave thanks to the players who paid tribute, stating that “Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”

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One Guardian, in particular, was able to find Lance’s Destiny username and discovered that he was even playing the night before he passed away.

According to Bungie’s website, Lance’s Guardian was last in the EDZ exploring the free zone. A player was able to discover his username whilst looking through old videos that he had posted on his Twitter page, with some featuring his account in focus.

It appears that Lance actually played Destiny 2 quite a fair amount, being able to juggle his time well between being a popular actor, voice actor, and more He was in the midst of completing the Lightfall campaign before he passed away, being just one mission away from finishing off Calus.

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Many Destiny 2 players were crushed to hear the news, with this discovery only adding to that feeling. Further research from players showed that Reddick had an impressive Triumph score of 22,000, well proving his name as a Destiny 2 player. Another player was able to find his total hours played, with 1.4k hours across both Destiny 1 and 2 for a combined 2,800 hours.

Lance Reddick will be sorely missed by the Destiny 2 community, not only as his iconic voice as Zavala, but as a community leader, icon, and inspiration.

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You can make donations to in Baltimore, Reddick’s hometown.