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How to Play Destiny 2 for Free on PlayStation 4

Published: 29/Aug/2018 17:44

by Virginia Glaze


Destiny 2 is getting a free download period on the PlayStation 4 just ahead of the game’s new expansion.

For those who are still on the fence about Destiny’s newest installment, fret no more. PlayStation is releasing the title for a limited time, with all the bells and whistles attached.


The title is now available for PlayStation Plus members as part of the September PS Plus Giveaways – a full week before the rest of September’s releases.

This opportunity comes just before the release of the Destiny 2: Forsaken add-on, set to be available for play on September 4th. PlayStation’s blog post detailing the giveaways expressed a desire for players to take advantage of a special, limited-time trial of Forsaken’s Gambit Mode before the add-on’s full release.


Gambit Mode is a new multiplayer mode for the title, and is currently available for a 24-hour trial period. Gambit will start in full at 10 AM PDT on September 1st: players looking to get ahead of the game will want to get their run in while they can.

Players with a PlayStation Plus subscription are able to download and keep their free content for as long as their membership remains active. However, users will need to download Forsaken and Destiny 2’s expansion pass separately in order to experience the game’s full array of content, bringing their total to $60.

Seven other games are available for free in the PS Plus September Giveaways, including God of War III Remastered. This title will be available for download on September 4th. A full list of September’s giveaways are listed below:

  • Destiny 2 – PS4
  • God of War III Remastered – PS4
  • Knowledge is Power – PS3, PS4
  • QUBE Director’s Cut – PS3, PS4
  • Sparkle 2 – PS Vita, PS3, PS4
  • Foul Play – PS Vita, PS3, PS4
  • Here They Lie – Play Station VR
  • Knowledge is Power – Playlink

Destiny 2 unveils Raid race changes for Beyond Light: Power level, date

Published: 16/Oct/2020 6:00 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 6:01

by Brad Norton


The next monumental Raid race in Destiny 2 is right around the as Beyond Light draws near. From the required Power level to the exact hour it unlocks, here’s everything you need to know.

As the Destiny community gets set for the next chapter to kick off on November 10, the hungriest players have their sights set on the next endgame activity. Raids have long been the pinnacle of PvE content in Destiny, pitting six players against the most challenging puzzles, platforming trials, and of course, boss fights.


With each new Raid comes to the iconic world’s first race. Teams around the globe gear up and battle it out to be the very first squad through the latest challenge. Hundreds of thousands gather on Twitch every year to support their favorite squads and Beyond Light will be no different.

We’re still a few weeks from launch and further still from the Raid, though Bungie has just outlined some critical information in the weekly blog post.


From the exact Power level to the time it unlocks, we’ve got you covered with a complete rundown on the Beyond Light Raid.

When is the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid race?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light
The next Destiny raid gives players more time than ever to prepare.

The single most important detail has been revealed well ahead of time this go around. Beyond Light’s Raid race begins on Saturday, November 21 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST / 4 AM AEST.

As per usual with Raids in Destiny, no one truly knows how long the race might go for. Raids have taken anywhere from 2 hours up to 18 hours in world’s first runs, so be prepared for a long day of action just in case we’re in for another big one.


Power level for the Beyond Light Raid

Destiny belts
Twitter: Bungie
Another exclusive world’s first belt will be on the line.

No different from the most recent Destiny Raids, Bungie will be enforcing Contest Mode for the first 24 hours. This means that regardless of your exact Power level, all players around the world will be capped 20 Power below each encounter.

Keeping things balanced and fair across the board for competitors looking to race on day one. Also of note, Artifact Power will be disabled for the Raid race.

However, this doesn’t mean the road to the Raid will be easy. Beyond Light launches on November 10 and the Raid unlocks a full 11 days later.


During this stretch of time, you’ll still want to be pushing for the highest Power level possible. “1230 Power is your team’s goal,” if you want to be at the cap for every encounter Bungie confirmed.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Players will likely want to bring all-new Beyond Light Exotics with them into the new Raid.

Beyond Light Raid details

Other than the launch time and the Power requirements, the next Destiny raid is shrouded in mystery. We know that the world’s first fireteam will be sent a championship belt for their efforts as usual. Moreover, any team that completes the Raid in the first 24 hours will be rewarded a special emblem as well.


In terms of the Raid’s storyline, not much is known. Players will be venturing through the Deep Stone Crypt, the birthplace of Exos.

With The Stranger playing a central role in the expansion after years of absence, the endgame activity could be crucial for the future of all Exos.

Destiny 2 emblem
A look at the exclusive emblem your fireteam can earn for a completion in the first 24 hours.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we learn more about the specifics of the Raid, along with our path to unlocking the endgame activity.