Fortnite & Destiny 2 collab ramps up with Battle Bus easter egg in Season of Plunder

Brad Norton
Fortnite Battle BusEpic Games

With Destiny 2 now available on the Epic Games Store, a number of crossover bundles and in-game easter eggs have been popping up. The latest has now been uncovered as Guardians have spotted Fortnite’s Battle Bus at the HELM.

During the Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase, Bungie announced a new partnership with Epic Games. As a result of this new connection, players can now access Destiny 2 through the Epic Games Store.

To celebrate the news, a number of unique cosmetic bundles have been released. From Destiny skins in Fortnite to adorable costumes in Fall Guys, Epic has embraced Bungie’s popular universe with open arms.

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Returning the favor, Bungie has even quietly dropped some easter eggs throughout Destiny 2 for attentive players to spot. Chief among them is none other than Fortnite’s Battle Bus which has appeared at the HELM.

Fortnite Battle Bus in Destiny 2.Bungie / Epic Games
Fortnite’s Battle Bus has crashed down in the Last City.

Upon traveling to Eliksni Quarter in the Last City, you’ll immediately see something new. On the left-hand side is what appears to be nothing more than general debris at first. But in moving closer and turning to the side, you’ll notice it’s actually a nod to Fortnite.

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The iconic Battle Bus has somehow crashed into the Botza District. While there’s no operating the vehicle in its rundown state, locals have already set themselves up close by. Some have moved furniture inside the bus itself while others are simply keeping warm outside.

That’s all there is to this particular Fortnite easter egg but who’s to say there’s not plenty more hiding in plain sight? As the Epic partnership has only just kicked off, we could be seeing plenty of unique crossovers in the months and years to come.

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