Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest guide: Loadouts, boss fight, rewards & more

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Once you complete the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2, you’ll be rewarded with the Dead Messenger exotic weapon, so here’s a handy guide on how to get the job done.

Destiny 2’s Vox Obscura quest was introduced to the game during Season of the Risen and is still available in the ongoing Season of the Haunted. Upon successfully completing the quest, you’ll be rewarded with an exotic grenade launcher, the Dead Messenger.

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To get your hands on this weapon, you’ll need to have the right loadouts and strategies. So buckle up with your friends as we’ve got everything covered in this comprehensive guide.


an image of Destiny 2 Season of the RisenBungie
Season of the Risen introduced the Vox Obscura quest.

Loadouts for the Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest

To complete the Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest in normal difficulty, you’ll need to keep a ranged weapon like Sniper or Fusion Rifles in your loadout. Ranged weapons deal a ton of damage, making things easier in the meantime.

  • During this quest, you’ll come across multiple enemies like Goliath tanks and Psions who are vulnerable to critical damage. Weapons like Eriana’s Vow, Threaded Needle, Gjallarhorn, and Arbalest are some of the best to deal critical damage to these enemies.
  • Next, we’d recommend taking Hand Cannons or Pulse Rifles to stun the Unstoppable Champions, which have their own set of modifiers in order to stun enemies — so choose the weapon that suits your own style of play.
  • Last but not least, ensure to bring along a rocket launcher in your loadout, as it will deal a handsome amount of damage in the final boss fight.

Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest guide

Before you head onto the Operation Elbrus questline, make sure that you’ve reached the minimum power requirement level of 1550. Once you complete the quest on Normal difficulty, you’ll be eligible to complete it at Master difficulty (the minimum power level for this is 1580).

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Now that you’ve landed on Mars, you’ll need to break into the Psion base. The base’s hanger can be accessed through the back wing by hacking the door.

  • Once it’s done, you’ll face a group of Psions and Scorpius turrets before getting your hands on one of the Interceptors. The cannons from this Interceptor will destroy the marked wall and create an exit into The Barrens.

Phase 1

an image of a Goliath tank in Destiny 2Bungie / Destinypedia
Goliath Tanks can easily be taken down in Destiny 2.

As soon as you exit, you’ll need to clear the airfield before an orbital bombardment starts. If you don’t complete the task within the time limit, you’ll wipe out and will have to start from the beginning.

  • Within this time, your team needs to defeat a Goliath Tank in order to clear the space for Caiatl (she will help you to claim the exotic Vox Revelata quest for acquiring the catalyst). Use ranged weapons here as they’ll ensure a faster takedown of the tank.
  • Next, an Unstoppable Champion will spawn inside a small building, so focus on taking that down. After you’ve defeated the Unstoppable Champion, Amanda Holliday will give you a Drake Tank for the next encounter.

Now it’s time to head into the Scablands, which is full of Cabals. Avoid attacking them, as you’ll need to save your tank’s health to face greater resistance in the form of more Goliath Tanks, shielded signal towers, and a large defense of various troops.

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Prioritize taking down the Goliath Tanks here, and once they’re down, move onto the signal towers — which can be destroyed by blowing up the generators. Focus on the weak spot marked in blue for the most effective method.

Once you successfully take down the towers, the timer will stop and the second encounter will begin.

Phase 2

an image of Qabix Insurgent in Destiny 2Bungie / Destinypedia
Qabix Insurgent is the final boss in the Vox Obscura quest.

This part of the quest will begin after you enter the control room located inside the base. This section won’t be easy, as you’ll have to face another Unstoppable Champion and an Incendior called Ba’Aruk.

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  • After defeating them, you need to move to the lower floors via exhaust ports. Be careful when traversing, as this area features vents that will damage you if you don’t avoid their destructive blue flames.
  • Once your fireteam has accessed the lower floor, you’ll encounter three Psion Codewardens shielded by their commanders.
  • Upon defeating them, you’ll have access to the control room, setting you up for the final stage of the quest.
an image of Dead Messenger in Destiny 2Bungie / Destinypedia
Dead Messenger is an exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Vox Obscura quest boss fight: Qabix, Insurgent

The boss fight for Destiny 2’s Vox Obscura quest will see you facing off against Qabix. Here, you’ll find yourself suspended in a bubble of Void energy, which can be easily broken with any non-explosive weapon. All you need to do in order to escape is to shoot the glowing spots on the exterior.

Keep your wits about you, though, as you’ll need to be ready to destroy a horde of Psions and Scorpius turrets in order to make Qabix vulnerable to attacks. Nova Bombs (if you’re playing as a Warlock) combined with rocket launchers will deal a great amount of damage to the boss, so make sure you have them in your loadout.

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  • In the control room, there will be three suspended Psion Commanders whom you’ll need to kill to inflict more damage on Qabix.
  • This process needs to repeat twice, and once you’ve finally defeated the boss, the 10-minute timer will stop.
  • From there, go to the top of the control room and cut off Caiatl’s broadcast and access the chest room located on the right of the control panel.
  • Once you open the chest, you’ll receive the Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher as a reward.

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how to complete the Vox Obscura quest in Destiny 2.

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