Destiny 2 Into the Light Blast Furnace god roll for PvE & PvP

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from Destiny 2 Into the Light trailer

Blast Furnace is an Aggressive Burst Pulse Rifle that is returning in Destiny 2 Into the Light. Here are the god rolls you should be searching for in both PvP and PvE.

Blast Furnace is a classic Pulse Rifle that was available as one of the loot drops from Black Armory forge runs. However, it was sunset along with the likes of Mountaintop, Recluse, and Hammerhead back in November 2020.

Almost four years on and now it is returning in Destiny 2 Into the Light. Aggressive burst Pulse Rifles are not common at all in the sandbox with Disparity, Insidious, Belisarius-D, and Sacred Provenance being the only ones. However, Blast Furnace is special and will surpass all the other Pulse Rifles, especially with these recommended god rolls.

Here is what we know about the god rolls for Blast Furnace in PvE and PvP.

A screenshot from the Destiny 2 Into the Light livestream
Blast Furnace is returning with Destiny 2 Into the Light

Destiny 2 Blast Furnace god roll for PvE

The 4-burst feature of Blast Furnace makes it a powerful weapon in PvE. You will be able to use it against basic red-bar enemies as well as yellow-bar enemies. It will even be an effective anti-champion with the correct roll.

Here is the god roll for Blast Furnace in PvE:

  • Column 3: Kinetic Tremors
  • Column 4: Firefly

Kinetic Tremors is a powerful perk that has risen to prominence in the current meta. This perk creates shockwaves after sustained damage using a Kinetic weapon. In the case of Blast Furnace, it works perfectly since Aggressive Burst Pulse Rifles can trigger Kinetic Tremors in just three bursts.

As for Firefly, it is a powerful perk as whenever you defeat an enemy with precision kills, it will make them explode similar to the unique effect of Polaris Lance. Firefly and Kinetic Tremors do not stack or work in unison, but these two perks combined make Blast Furnace viable in a huge variety of content.

Firefly is helpful against minor enemies, while Kinetic Tremors is valuable against major enemies. Therefore, this god roll ensures that you will have an all-purpose Blast Furnace in your arsenal.

Destiny 2 Blast Furnace god roll for PvP

In PvP, you want a Pulse Rifle that can shred through enemies swiftly and reliably. While Blast Furnace does not have many perks that can do it, there is one combination that is certainly worth chasing.

Here is the god roll for Blast Furnace in PvP:

  • Third Column: Headseeker
  • Fourth Column: Kill Clip

Headseeker is a powerful perk that increases precision damage whenever you hit body shots. This is meta in PvP on all Pulse Rifles, but is especially potent on an Aggressive Burst frame like Blast Furnace where that extra shot makes Headseeker easier to proc.

Once you combine this with Kill Clip which provides a 25% damage boost after securing a kill, your Blast Furnace will shred through enemies in both 6v6 as well as Trials of Osiris. Additionally, its 4-burst fire is great for flinching enemies making it harder for them to retaliate.