Destiny 2 devs tease Clan Perk and Reward overhaul in The Final Shape

Liam Ho
Clans in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 developers have provided new details about a revamp coming to Clans in The Final Shape, with new rewards, bounties, and perks planned for the new expansion.

Destiny 2 developers Bungie have announced new details about a revamp coming to Clans in the upcoming expansion of The Final Shape. The revamp will include new clan bounties, rewards, and perks that will massively improve the feature’s quality of life, which many Guardians use to connect.

Clans are Destiny 2’s guilds and are player-created organizations that let you create a group far larger than your regular fire team. From there you can chat, earn experience for the group, and much more.

However, the system has become pretty stale over the years, despite being a major facet in the online part of Bungie’s shooter. As such, the devs are revitalizing the old with the new and bringing in a bunch of features that should get players more excited to partake in Clans.

Hawthorne in Destiny 2 with new reputation
Hawthorne will be receiving a reputation track players can complete in The Final Shape.

According to the TWID, Clan Steward Hawthorne will receive their own reputation track, including similar rewards like Enhancement Cores and Ascendant Shards. These can be gained by completing activities, with a bonus for higher difficulty and playing with clan members.

Similarly, Clan bounties are also receiving an overhaul with the removal of restrictions on the Nightfall bounty. Alongside this, Guardians will have access to a Seasonal Content bounty and a Dungeon bounty — which will also reward reputation for Hawthorne like the other bounties.

Finally, new perks will grant Clan members bonuses like a free weekly exotic engram for the first Clan bounty completed each week, and an Ascendant Alloy upon completion of all Clan challenges for the week.

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