Destiny 2’s Solstice Event frustrates players who call it “another L”

Brianna Reeves
destiny 2 solstice

The 2023 Solstice Event in Destiny 2 isn’t exactly what fans were hoping for, and many have dubbed it “another L” for Bungie.

This year’s summer event kicked off on Tuesday, July 28 and will last through Tuesday, August 15. Notably, the 2022 versions of the popular Destiny 2 event helped streamline armor upgrades.

And Bungie made no bones about further overhauling the experience in terms of difficulty for the currently running Solstice.

Not everyone is pleased with the latest changes, though, especially as discontent towards the game as a whole arguably reaches an all-time high.

Destiny 2 fans reduce Solstice 2023 to “another L”

Though it just launched this week, the latest Destiny 2 event has already received the community’s ire. One Reddit thread has labeled it “hot a**,” with many users agreeing.

The original poster listed several of their personal complaints, which call out the game’s “terrible” armor glows, incomplete EAZ textures, and the inability to ride Sparrows in the EAZ.

“Solstice has unironically gotten worse every year since its inception,” replied one person in the thread. And several people argued that the gameplay loop, EAZ content, and cosmetics aren’t worth the effort.

destiny 2 solstice

Destiny 2 players on Twitter have similarly blasted the Solstice event, with one person saying apathy for the game is the worst it’s ever been. “We needed a win,” the user wrote, “and solstice wasn’t even neutral ground just another L.”

Some disagree, though, arguing that Solstice and similar events “are eververse promotions at best.” Either way, this has many wondering what exactly Bungie has in store for its August showcase, which should feature details about the next expansion, Final Shape.

All of this comes amid claims that Destiny 2 has waded into “microtransaction hell.” It remains to be seen if or when Bungie will address the ongoing monetization complaints.