Destiny 2 Solstice Event boycott attempts shut down by community

Brianna Reeves
destiny 2 solstice boycott

A Destiny 2 player tried rallying fans for a Solstice Event boycott to combat microtransactions but the community wasn’t having it.

Microtransactions have long played a part in the Destiny 2 experience, yet talks of the sequel becoming “microtransaction hell” reignited the discourse in June. The phrase stems from a video posted by YouTuber Aztecross, who critiqued the game’s bundles, Event Cards, seasonal pricing model, and more.

Notably, the video has since garnered well over one million views, with many commenters praising the content creator for calling out the ongoing issues.

And while some players feel moved to incite change by starting a boycott, others think such efforts are pointless.

Destiny 2 player pushes for boycott of upcoming Solstice Event

Citing videos from content creators Aztecross and Datto, Redditor redhoodedhood argues that Destiny 2 events “seem to only be getting more expensive and less fun.”

The user goes on to note that the response to these conversations usually results in the phrase “speak with your wallets” being thrown around, yet new event and item releases are met with players and streamers spending money either way.

“So here’s the proposition: No one buy anything during the Solstice Event next week,” the Redditor continued. The lengthy post then lists a series of changes players should request, including Earnable Cosmetic armor for events, Price reduction in bright dust items, and Price Reductions in Eververse Cosmetics.

destiny 2 solstice boycott

Destiny community shuts down boycott idea

Replies to the Reddit thread suggest the Destiny 2 user base has no interest in following through on a Solstice Event boycott. Most are especially against it because even rallying Reddit support means that only a fraction of people will actually participate.

One user stated that “for every person voting with their wallet, there are 10 more who are shelling out their money.”

Another person noted the discrepancy in numbers between the very vocal Reddit community and the rest of Destiny’s large player base. “Here to remind you again that even if you rallied the entire subreddit, that’s like 5% of the game’s population. Would barely make a dent.”

Naturally, whales were central to many arguments about why protesting Destiny 2’s microtransactions would prove ineffective. Said one Redditor, “…no studio is aiming to have every single player buy a $10 emote – they only need the whales to spend money and they’ll turn a profit.”

Players will have to determine for themselves whether or not to vote with their wallets.

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