Destiny 2 fans call out Bungie for “ludicrous” microtransaction prices

Three different Destiny 2 skin cosmeticsBungie

Bungie supports Destiny 2’s free-to-play status through the release of new content consistently throughout the year. Whether it’s the season pass, annual DLC, or Deluxe Editions of the game, players are now questioning why they’re still paying so much money for in-game items. 

There are a number of different ways to buy new items in Destiny 2, but the primary microtransaction vehicle for the game is Silver – an in-game currency that works similar to Call of Duty’s COD Points and Fortnite’s V-Bucks, allowing players to purchase exclusive cosmetic items in exchange for real money.

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The problem many players are having is that these are items are being priced out of their range, especially for those who have already bought the game’s three expansions, picked up any of the season passes, or have purchased the pricey Bungie anniversary pack that has recently made waves in the community.

With all of these avenues for profit, it’s clear that fans are not happy with the current state of Destiny 2’s content market.

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Destiny 2 players slam Bungie’s microtransaction strategy

The issue was first raised by u/UselessDead Memes but has since stoked over a thousand replies from the community at large.

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One user highlighted that Bungie is getting a lot right with Destiny 2, but has missed the mark on when it comes to these transaction prices: “As much as I love Destiny’s universe and gameplay, I can’t believe they don’t get for flak for this. It is, quite frankly, abhorrent and ludicrous.”

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Destiny 2 Eververse store with Witch Queen promoBungie
The Eververse is the cosmetic shopping hub in Destiny 2. Search for Tess Everis in The Tower to find it.

Another commenter suggested the problem isn’t strictly about price, but also about the quality of items being sold and the lack of better methods to acquire them.

“My issue lies in the sheer volume of ‘filler’ now available in Eververse,” they said. “It seems like we have hundreds of weapon ornaments, emotes, ships, sparrows, shaders, and even finishers are stacking up quick. Unless you buy them individually, you will never own them all with the pitiful reward structure of bright engrams.”

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Bungie has been spent a lot of time responding to community problems in Season of the Lost, but whether or not they’ll be addressing these prices remains to be seen.

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