Destiny 2 players enraged by “absolutely atrocious” monetization

Kurt Perry
Tormentor grabbing guardian about to unleash their true power in Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 community has had enough of Bungie’s practices and is now calling out the game publisher over its increasingly aggressive monetization model.

Monetization in Destiny 2 has always been a contentious subject. However, it’s become a bigger discussion than ever following popular content creator Aztecross’ detailed breakdown.

The video which spans over half an hour highlights a range of issues with Destiny 2’s monetization, providing context as to when and what became paywalled over time. This includes the arrival of Dungeon Keys, Event Cards requiring additional fees to unlock all rewards, and the manipulative pricing of Silver.

Following the video the Destiny 2 community has been in an uproar about the state of the looter shooter’s monetization believing that Bungie has gone too far.

Destiny 2 monetization has upset its community

Destiny 2 players are deeply upset with the state of monetization believing that it has become “absolutely atrocious,” and “exceptionally greedy.”

A stance supported by BlueWestlo, with the streamer saying: “Increasing season pass pricing when dungeon keys still exist felt like a tipping point. Season pass skipping being available day one of the season is blatant. I’ll always love Destiny but people need to stop pretending it isn’t exceptionally greedy.”

He continued: “I know the reality is that nothing will change. But it’s incredibly frustrating when many players still manufacture the idea that this game has fair monetization. For new players especially this game’s pricing is absolutely atrocious.”

It’s not just streamers who are bothered by the monetization with regular players also speaking out: “Truth on all fronts. I’m tired of Destiny. I’m tired of Bungie being ‘for the gamers’ and publicly virtue signaling nonstop while they nickel and dime their playerbase with less content and steadily increased prices.”

On Reddit, the community has been equally irritated: “One of the scummiest things Bungie has done was the implementation of the $20 story skip. The community had been asking for a way to skip the story for years on alternative characters and Bungie gave us a nice big middle finger and put it behind an egregious paywall.”

A different player responded: “I usually buy the annual pass but the silver amount not equaling a season’s cost definitely bothers me. Extremely scummy tactics.”

Part of the problem is that some players believe Bungie has neglected core modes like Crucible and Gambit while putting effort into cosmetics locked behind paywalls. Although Bungie did recently fix a long-standing bug in Gambit, albeit most likely by accident.

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