Destiny 2 players furious about “scummy” Season Pass price hike

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Destiny 2 fans are furious with Bungie after the Season Pass price hike will see some players have to pay 50% more for future passes.

Season 21 is right around the corner promising to both introduce a wide range of new content and rework existing content to keep it relevant.

Starting with the Season of the Deep, Bungie is increasing the price of Destiny 2’s season passes from 1,000 Silver to 1,200 Silver.

This price hike should see players paying 20% more for future passes but Destiny 2’s monetization model could see it become much more expensive than that.

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Destiny 2 fans upset as next Season Pass could cost 50% more

A Reddit post that quickly got thousands of upvotes labeled Bungie’s Season Pass price hike as “scummy,” after realizing it could potentially cost players 50% more to buy each one.

Destiny 2 doesn’t offer the option to buy the Season Pass directly. Instead, players are required to purchase the shooter’s premium currency, Silver.

Silver is only sold in bundles of 500, 1,000, 2000, 3,000, and 5,000. This means to purchase a Season Pass for 1,200 SIlver the cheapest option is to buy the 500 and 1,000 Silver bundles separately for a combined $15 USD.

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Irritated by the pricing the post reads: “A really scummy option to squeeze more money out of the player. This also comes after a lackluster season of content. Very disappointing. Also surprised more creators aren’t being vocal about this.”

Another user theorized why this model exists: “Bungie probably wants us buying the higher value bundles so we have silver left over but not enough to buy any cosmetics in the store so we are tempted to top up our Silver by buying even more. A gross and predatory business tactic.”

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Another response made comparisons to similar practices seen in mobile gaming: “They’re learning from the mobile game market. Sell Gem packs of 450 and 950, but make the best items 500 Gems and 1000 Gems. It’s beyond scummy.”

The price hike won’t impact all Destiny 2 players. Those who purchased Lightfall + Annual Pass will get access to all of the expansion’s four Season Passes at no additional cost.

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