Destiny 2 players elated to finally see major quality-of-life update

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 delete character

Destiny 2 players are elated with the newest quality-of-life feature that prevents them from accidentally deleting their most important characters.

Destiny 2 is one of Bungie’s biggest games ever. The blend of both looter shooter and MMO elements have made it a game completely unique to its own, enticing fans of both genres alike. Players can spend hours upon hours within the title with its bounty of activities on offer. Whether that be hanging with friends and Guardians, fighting one another in The Crucible, or even taking on the biggest baddies in the many raids.

As such, players will spend a bunch of time working on their Guardian, one that they’ll eventually grow rather attached to as they journey through the galaxy with them. Players will also slowly gain powerful exotic weapons and buildcraft with their gear, making their Guardian more powerful over the course of hundreds or even thousands of hours.

Of course with all the time spent on creating your Guardian, building up their gear, and crafting various builds with them, it’d be devastating to have them randomly disappear or accidentally be deleted. Unfortunately, Destiny 2’s character deletion has been rather finicky and in the past, has led to some heartbreaking accidents. However, Bungie has announced a major change looking to rectify this.

The Destiny 2 developers announced that they’ve added more complexity to the character deletion process on July 19, further preventing gamers from accidentally deleting their Guardian.

“We’ve recently added a bit more complexity to prevent accidental character deletions. You don’t need to delete your Hunter to test it — this feature is now live.” the tweet reads.

Destiny 2 players are absolutely elated to see this quality of life change, praising Bungie with compliments all across social media.

“Hell yeah! Huge W. Great change. Excellent feature,” were just some of the many comments thanking Bungie for the new tweak.

Some even joyously humored about deleting Hunters.

“You don’t need to delete your Hunter but you probably should anyway,” one commenter prodded.

With the quality of life feature implemented, there’s no telling what Bungie might do next, but the Destiny 2 community is sure glad to see improvements to their beloved game.

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