Destiny 2 players confused as Neptune public event “doesn’t count” as activity

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Neomuna in Destiny 2

Some Destiny 2 players have complained that the Vex Incursion public event in Neptune doesn’t count as an activity on the planet, making them frustrated and confused regarding the matter.

Destiny 2 has released a challenge called “in the hot seat” as a part of the Solstice 2023 triumphs. For this, players need to take part in activities in Neptune within the game to complete it.

However, some are reporting that completing the Vex Incursion public event in Neptune doesn’t count towards its competition. In fact, Terminal Overload and Patrols don’t count toward the competition either.

The only things that work for now are the Hypernet Current Strike or Lost Sectors despite the Triumph description claiming that it should work with any activity on Neptune.

Destiny 2 challenge bug leads to frustration among players

A Reddit user raised an issue regarding the bug showcasing their frustration claiming, “Is there a reason Vex Incursion, the pinnacle of Neptune public events; DOES NOT COUNT AS A NEPTUNE ACTIVITY?”.

It seems they have been trying this for two days with no result. Another commented, “What is counted? I did Terminal Overload, Patrols and those don’t count either. Is it just Public Events?” on being unsure what works for this challenge.

To this, another player added, “I swear Bungie has a different definition of logic when it comes to game design and requirements ffs!” expressing their frustration.

byu/aaronwe from discussion

A player even mocked Bungie by remarking, “Small indie company please understand”.

Another user felt it’s a recurring issue and claimed “They really need to be more specific on this. Other planets have had the same issue in the past.”

Bungie is yet to make any statements regarding this problem. However, other activities like Hypernet Current Strike, Master Story missions, and Lost Sectors do count towards the progress according to the community.