Destiny 2 players call out Exotic focusing for “ridiculous” cost

Kurt Perry
Master Rahool from Destiny 2, found in The Tower.

Both Bungie and Master Rahool have come under fire with the Tower’s Cryptarch being criticized for the expensive prices he charges for Exotic focusing in Destiny 2.

With the arrival of Season of the Deep, Rahool got a rework that made him more useful. Via Focused Decoding, players can now trade in resources to acquire Exotic armor and even reroll for the best piece possible.

This was bugged at release giving Destiny 2 players terrible rolls for the cost. However, this was fixed and now Rahool’s Exotic focusing is a viable way of obtaining top-tier rolls.

Despite this, some players still aren’t happy feeling as though the rates that the Cryptarch charges are just too much for what you get in return.

Destiny 2 fans want Rahool’s Exotic focusing made cheaper

Rahool currently charges x1 Exotic Engram, 60,000 Glimmer, x1 Exotic Cipher, and x3 Ascendant Shards to focus and reroll for any Exotic armor that has already been obtained.

Upset by this pricing, one fan posted: “An Exotic Cipher is enough for focusing an Exotic, why all the other stuff? You’d still have to make a choice between a few things like Xur’s rolls. As it stands it’s WAAAAY too much tbh, 3 golf balls is ridiculous, especially for RNG of stat rolls.”

This stance proved popular with another fan responding: “It’s funny to think that they are sitting there requiring 3 golf balls to get a random roll, then another 3 to masterwork it and that comes to 3/5th of our entire 10 we are officially allowed to hold.”

”Golf ball’ is a commonly used community term for Ascendant Shards due to their similar appearances.

Although many agreed with OP, others didn’t see the problem: “Endgame players (who this level of focusing is targeting) will usually have more golf balls than they have places to realistically spend them. 3 golf balls for a single specific Exotic focusing is steep, but it only exists for the people who don’t have any other use for them.”

While some end-game Destiny 2 players are annoyed over Rahool’s rates, early game players are lost and feeling overwhelmed by the confusing story structure.