Destiny 2 devs forced to disable game-breaking weapon perk

Eliana Bollati
A still from the trailer for Destiny 2 Into the Light

Destiny 2 devs have announced they’re disabling all weapons with the Cascade Point perk thanks to a problem with the perk remaining active indefinitely.

Destiny 2 fans have been spoiled thanks to the release of Into the Light. The update brought with it plenty of new content to help keep players occupied while awaiting the release of the next expansion, The Final Shape.

However, since the patch rolled out, players have uncovered a bug with the Cascade Point weapon perk which practically breaks the game.

The Cascade Point perk boosts a weapon’s fire rate when a player gets a successful kill or lands a precision hit. Usually, the duration of the buff is 2.5 seconds. However, since the new update, a bug has emerged which allows players to keep the perk on, permanently.

The issue occurs when players activate Cascade Point on a weapon which allows them to select perks. If they switch to another perk, and then back to Cascade Point, the damage buff from the perk remains active after its timer has expired. Essentially allowing players to keep the perk on their weapon until it runs out of ammo.  

Of course, it didn’t take players long to start using the exploit to their advantage. And footage of the bug in action soon emerged on YouTube.

Destiny 2 developers, Bungie, were swift to act on the issue. Announcing on Twitter/X they’d be disabling all weapons with the Cascade Point perk until they get to the bottom of the issue.

For now, players with a weapon that would normally offer the perk will receive a popup to let them know the perk has been disabled.