Destiny 2 Into the Light Midnight Coup god roll for PvE & PvP

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the Into the Light trailer

Are you looking to farm the god roll for Midnight Coup in Destiny 2 Into the Light? Worry not, as we got you covered with the best roll to look for in PvP and PvE.

Midnight Coup was originally a drop from the first-ever Destiny 2 raid, The Leviathan. This hand cannon used to be the best in its class and was part of everyone’s loadouts for some time.

Such was its impact that even when vanilla Destiny 2 was considered a dark period for the game, Midnight Coup stood out as a winner.

With the hype that Destiny 2 has received with Into the Light and the Final Shape livestream, it is only natural that Midnight Coup would make its return. This time around the hand cannon has some exceptional rolls and you’ll want to get one each for PvP and PvE.

A screenshot from the Destiny 2 Into the Light livestream
Midnight Coup is one of the best hand cannons in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Midnight Coup god roll for PvE

If you plan to run Midnight Coup in PvE, you need damage to take down combatants. Hand cannons excel in PvE as they are handy for taking out red health bar enemies and stunning Unstoppable Champions thanks to this season’s artifact.

If you are going for a Midnight Coup for PvE, the god roll you should focus on is:

  • Third Column: Firefly
  • Fourth Column: Rampage

One of the key reasons why Incandescent is a really good perk is because it makes enemies explode. Midnight Coup does not have Incandescent since it is a Kinetic weapon. However, Firefly functions similarly as this also makes targets explode, making it easier to use in PvE.

The second perk Rampage will be your primary damage option in PvE with a 33.1% damage buff. This will help you clear all minor enemies and even the small yellow bar enemies with ease. If you want, Frenzy is not a bad choice either, but the damage boost from Rampage typically outperforms it.

Destiny 2 Midnight Coup god roll for PvP

In PvP, you need to ensure your Midnight Coup is snappy and stable. Hitting your headshots consistently is mandatory and your rolls should support you in that regard. There are a few rolls for Midnight Coup that are viable in PvP as it has an impressive perk pool.

However, this is what we consider the PvP god roll to hunt for:

  • Column 3: Explosive Payload
  • Column 4: Zen Moment

One of the key facets of playing PvP is flinching your enemy. Flinch helps in disrupting the enemy’s aim and makes it harder for them to fight against you. Explosive Payload takes care of that as it will flinch players, especially the Auto Rifle and SMG spammers.

Additionally, you need your hand cannon to be stable and it should not kick too much. Zen Moment handles this well as dealing damage while this perk is present will grant you flinch resistance and reduce weapon recoil. Both of these are valuable traits that come in handy during one-on-one fights in both Trials of Osiris and Competitive.

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