Destiny 2 devs respond to game-breaking Windowed Mode exploit

Season of the Splicer Destiny 2Bungie

Bungie has now responded to a Destiny 2 exploit that allows players to collect infinite power orbs, extend their class abilities, and generally break the game in unintended ways. The trick in question has been around for quite some time, but Bungie has now announced a temporary workaround to avoid it.  

Bungie has dealt with a wave of different bugs and exploits in Destiny 2, but few are as problematic as this one. Initiated through clever use of minimizing and maximizing your game window, this bug allows players to reproduce orb drops, extend bubble shields, and even deal unlimited damage during certain sections of the Vault of Glass raid.

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That’s only the start of how this bug was being abused in the game – Destiny 2 content creator JB3 highlighted the problem and its numerous uses in a YouTube video with the hopes of drawing the devs’ attention to it.

The plan worked as intended, as Bungie has now addressed the issue and detailed the roadmap for fixing it.

Bungie responds to game-breaking Destiny 2 exploit

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass AtheonBungie
Vault of Glass was particularly being affected by this glitch, as it would allow players to endlessly abuse Atheon’s damage.

Dmg04, Bungie’s Senior Community Manager, addressed the situation, explaining that the team had been working on a fix for this for a while now: “A group of individuals discovered and reported an issue where players can generate more orbs than intended when triggering some supers. The team has been silently working on a fix for this (currently targeting December)”.

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Has it been fixed?

While the long-term fix may not be arriving until December, the team has implemented an intermediate solution as well. Anyone who minimizes and maximizes their game multiple times in a session will receive the error code RUTABAGA, which will force the game to close.

Any player who receives this error has a chance of being penalized for it, with repeat offenders even running the chance of getting banned from the game.

There is still the risk of innocent players being caught in the margins and receiving punishment for something they didn’t know was wrong, but DMG addressed that as well.

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“These should be limited time PvP restrictions when hitting the error multiple times over a small amount of games, not full account bans.”