Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Fastest way to hit level 1200 soft cap revealed

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Fastest way to hit level 1200 soft cap revealed

Published: 11/Nov/2020 12:24

by Andrew Highton


Destiny 2 loyalists are always desperate to try and hit the increased soft and hard caps when a new expansion comes out. A new method has been discovered that allows players to quickly level up in Beyond Light too, allowing players to hit the 1200 soft cap in no time. 

In the same way that there’s a competition to be the first team to beat a new raid, reaching the power cap threshold is also something to strive for. Bungie‘s newest expansion, Beyond Light, has not only brought lots of fresh content, it has also increased the power caps.

The soft and hard caps are bigger, and a way to hit the soft cap, extremely fast, has been discovered by a YouTuber. As with previous Destiny timesaving methods and other such workarounds, Bungie may patch this sooner rather than later.


Eramis in Destiny 2 beyond light
Being a high level will help for a potential showdown with Eramis.

Fastest Destiny 2 Beyond Light soft cap method

This trick was found by YouTuber Aztecross, who discovered that there’s a bonus given by one boss that can be repeated multiple times to level up.

Beyond Light’s content features new missions, areas, and of course – Lost Sectors. However, it seems that one of these Lost Sectors, in particular, can reap great rewards. The Lost Sector is entitled ‘Widow’s Walk’ and can be in the EDZ. If you make your way over the left side of the Trosland Spawn, you will locate Widow’s Walk.

Inside this Lost Sector, you will eventually come to a boss that you need to slay. The boss will then drop a legendary weapon every time you beat it. Furthermore, whenever you do acquire one of the new legendary items, it will always scale 10 levels above whatever your current level is. Naturally, it becomes easy to see why this would be an instant win for you.


How to repeat it

The good news is that you can do this as many times as you like, for the time being at least. If you want to keep replaying Widow’s Walk to keep earning this bizarre, scaled legendary gear, then simply leave the area, and return to it immediately.

The boss will be back, and so will the boss’s propensity to drop more quick boosts for you. Given that you need to be a certain level in points of the campaign, this will ensure that people can essentially enjoy it uninterrupted.

The full video gives great instructions and detail on how you can go about doing this yourself.


Hopefully, this fastest way to hit the 1200 soft cap in Destiny 2 Beyond Light will be around for a while longer, but nothing is guaranteed with exploits.