Dead Man’s Tale could re-enter Destiny 2 meta after huge Season 22 change

Kurt Perry
Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle from Destiny 2.

Bungie has confirmed that a massive change is coming to Dead Man’s Tale, an Exotic Scout Rifle that once dominated Destiny 2 PvP. When this update goes through the level action rifle could very well make its return to the meta in Season 22.

The Dead Man’s Tale has seen plenty of use in the Crucible throughout Destiny 2’s lifespan. It used to receive bonus damage on precision hits from its unique Perk, Cranial Spike.

This gave it the ability to two-tap Guardians and delete Supers thanks to its ability to roll Vorpal Weapon. However, several nerfs and buffs later and the Exotic Scout Rifle has become nothing more than a fun but niche pick.

However, there’s a big change to Dead Man’s Tale on its way that could see it re-enter the Destiny 2 PvP meta, at least in some capacity.

Destiny 2 Season 22 will let players craft Dead Man’s Tale

Bungie has announced that Season 22 will see Dead Man’s Tale become a craftable Exotic weapon letting Guardians use whatever Perk combination they want.

Confirming the change in its most recent TWIB the developer stated: “Dead Man’s Tale will be added to the loot pool for the Exotic Mission Rotator when Presage is available. This will also make Dead Man’s Tale craftable, so get those crafting pants on because it’s about to go down for DMT lovers.”

The Presage was the original quest that players could complete to get their very own Dead Man’s Tale. Completing it on regular difficulty rewarded the Exotic gun while a playthrough on Master difficulty unlocked its catalyst.

It will return in Season 22 as one of the Exotic Mission Rotators, a new feature that will see old Exotic quests made playable again. The only other confirmed quest to be making a return is Operation Seraph’s Shield which unlocks Revision Zero.

The return of The Presage will permanently remove Dead Man’s Tale from Xur’s weekly wares. However, there has been no confirmation that Hawkmoon – Xur’s other exclusive Exotic – will follow suit.

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