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Bungie finally adds Destiny 2 transmog system and everyone already hates it

Published: 23/Apr/2021 7:37

by Brad Norton


Bungie has finally detailed just how the upcoming transmog system will work in Destiny 2 Season 14 and the community is already up in arms over it.

Ever since Destiny released in 2014, one of the biggest requests has been a transmog system. Players have never been able to change the appearance of any given armor set in the game. With Season 14, that’s finally set to change, though excitement for the feature has quickly deflated.

In the latest TWAB blog post, finer details for the new feature were outlined. Rather than a simple system in which players mix and match the looks of their favorite armor pieces, it’s a little more convoluted than everyone had anticipated.


Instead, players have to earn an assortment of new materials and complete a number of challenges. All the while, there’s even a limit on how many pieces of armor you can modify.  

Destiny 2 gameplay
A transmog system is finally on the way to Destiny 2, though not quite how you’d expect.

First and foremost, players need to go around scavenging new Synthstrand material from fallen enemies in Season 14. With enough of the new item, you’ll then be able to purchase unique bounties at the Tower.

It’s through these bounties that you’ll earn Synthcord. From accumulating points in Nightfalls to generating Orbs in Raids, there are 10 different bounties on offer. Completing these will allow you to convert your Synthcord into Synthweave. Using one Synthweave, you can finally transmog a single piece of armor.


Got all that? Good, because things only get more confusing.

To the surprise of just about everyone, Bungie has placed a limit on the number of Synthweaves you can earn each season.

Each class has access to 10 in total, meaning that an absolute maximum of 30 armor pieces can be altered if you work efficiently throughout the entire duration.

Destiny 2 transmog system
The transmog system requires players to complete brand new bounties.

To make matters worse, the entire process can be bypassed as Bungie has also added Synthweaves directly into the Eververse store. This means anyone can just buy their way through the new transmog system.

It’s safe to say this news went down like a lead balloon upon its announcement. Players were expecting a simple method of transferring one visual style to a different set of armor. Instead, there’s a ton of new hoops to jump through for no apparent reason.


If players are to put every piece of armor through the new system, it would take roughly 34 years at the current rate, according to a breakdown from ‘Parasito.’

“Their plan requires a five-step currency conversion grind for every unlock,” one player stressed on Twitter. To top it off, “you’re limited to 10 new cosmetics per season. Why? What reason could [Bungie] possibly have?”

“Transmog was THIS close to being the greatest update Destiny 2 ever received,” another player chimed in. “Pretty disappointed.”

With a few weeks still to go before Season 14 kicks off, perhaps there’s a chance Bungie reverts this decision. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest if any changes do in fact come through.