Bungie address Destiny 2 PvP complaints amid harassment


Bungie has addressed ongoing PVP issues, as concerns from Destiny 2’s community managers grow in intensity.

Destiny 2 has been on a winning streak when it comes to expanding the game’s lore. Season of the Haunted has been a terrific experience for new and long-time players story-wise, but the current PVP meta has left many players stung in its wake.

As each season shifts the tides of battle, Bungie staff have spoken out amid increased harassment towards their development team.

Destiny 2 devs to tackle PVP “conversations”

The Destiny 2 PVP meta is always in flux, but the recent brutal combination of exceptionally powerful Exotics and weapon archetypes has prompted frustrated players to vent at Bungie devs. Now, Senior community manager Dylan Gafner has said, in a series of tweets, that the dev team is “jamming on a lot right now, PVP balance and such included.”

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“Some things can happen in a hotfix. Others in an update. Sometimes it can take months,” continued Gafner.

Gafner explained that “there’s quite a bit of conversation to track” as Bungie have “pulled many balancing changes for PVP up so y’all wouldn’t have to wait for next season.”

“All I can ask is that y’all keep bringing on that feedback…we’ll be sure to cover coming changes as early as we can.”

With PVP and other features requiring consistent attention, Gafner highlighted the responsibility of listening to feedback: “It’s a hard balance to find on a ship as big as destiny when so many folks have so many responsibilities.”

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However, despite Bungie’s efforts to be transparent and offer updates when suitable, Gafner added that “cases of harassment against our developers have actively made it harder for us to communicate with the broader community.”

The discussion of appropriate behavior towards Bungie will like continue as the developers prepare to release Season 18 next month.

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