Bungie already planning “decades” of Destiny 2 support after Light and Darkness Saga

Destiny 2 gameplayBungie

Although Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness Saga is set to conclude with The Final Shape in 2024, a new Bungie job listing has teased the studio still has “decades” of support mapped out already.

When Destiny first launched in 2014, it marked the beginning of what became known as the Light and Darkness Saga. All major expansions to date have served to expand this particular narrative as we head towards the conclusive Final Shape release a full decade later in 2024.

What comes next remains a complete mystery. One thing has been made certain though: the Destiny franchise itself isn’t going anywhere.

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Bungie previously assured Destiny 2’s future post-Light and Darkness, and now the latest job listing has painted a bigger picture. Rather than planning for just the next few years, Bungie is already laying the groundwork for “decades” of stories to come.

Through a new Destiny Narrative Director job listing, as first spotted by TheGamePost, Bungie teased the enormity of its plans for the series moving forward. 

“In this role, you will align Narrative Leadership around the future vision for the Destiny Universe,” the listing reads, “firmly planting stakes in the ground for fans to enjoy for decades to come.”

So not only is The Final Shape far from Destiny’s overall end, but the devs are already showing eagerness to continue support for the popular FPS for decades to follow. 

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape artworkBungie
The Final Shape is far from Destiny’s true finale according to this new job listing.

As we draw near to the last expansion in the current saga, Bungie has already teased that not all storylines will be resolved. “We want to keep some of the mysteries alive,” Narrative Director Adam Grantham told Dexerto earlier this year.

Exactly where the story goes in the decades to come is anyone’s guess, but prepare for a major expansion in the Destiny universe.

With such an extensive roadmap being laid out, the game itself is only one part of the equation. From new mobile projects to “multiple” TV shows and movies, there’s plenty to look forward to in the long term.

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