Among Us teases future Destiny 2 collaboration: “Eyes up, Crewmates”

Liam Ho
destiny 2 among us

Among Us has taken to Twitter to hint at their next in-game collaboration, teasing the characters of Destiny 2 as the next potential cosmetics.

Collaboration between two games often results in the best of both worlds for players. Games such as Fortnite and Overwatch have taken full advantage and reaped the rewards of collaboration. With Fortnite importing incredible amounts of pop culture into their game, it’s not uncommon to see Goku and Naruto pair up with Marvel big bad Thanos to get that Victory Royale.

Among Us is the hit indie social deduction sweetheart came from left field in 2020 taking the world by storm. As such, they’ve gained massive traction and popularity as a game, with the developers Innersloth collaborating with Riot Games with cosmetics from their Arcane series.

It appears that Bungie is the next in the line for collaboration with Among Us, as the Twitter account for the game has recently hinted at their new cosmetics.

Among Us teases Destiny 2 collaboration

Several clues hint towards Destiny 2 being the next franchise to appear in the world of Among Us. The Twitter post has several references in it that point directly reference Destiny 2 terms. Fireteam is a reference to Destiny 2’s group system, where instead of a party, the game calls them a fireteam.

Alongside this, the post directly quotes Destiny’s “eyes up” line. The “eyes up, Guardian” line is one of the first things players heard when starting Destiny. This makes it arguably the most iconic line of the franchise.

From the image given to us from the Twitter post, we’re shown shadows or outlines of the possible cosmetics. Similar to Riot’s Arcane collab, the Destiny 2 partnership will likely feature several notable characters from the series itself.

It looks like we’ll be receiving 6 character cosmetics. Two of them seem to be Osiris and Saint-14 due to their unmistakable headgear. Unfortunately, we won’t know much more about what other characters are receiving their cosmetic until further information is released.

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