All Moon & Dreaming City guns returning to Destiny 2: Loud Lullaby, Twilight Oath, more

Destiny 2 Reissued Weapons Shadowkeep Forsaken Moon Dreaming City With LogoBungie

As Season 13 continues to heat up, Bungie announced that all Forsaken and Shadowkeep weapons still locked in the vault are making a comeback. Here’s a breakdown of the additional Moon and Dreaming City guns finally returning to Destiny 2.

The worst growing pains that came to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light were sunsetting and content vaulting, which resulted in a massive loss of obtainable weapons without much of anything to replace them — the loot pool was transformed from a vast ocean to a shallow kiddie pool.

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Bungie was quick to realize their mistake after heavy pushback from the community, and addressed many of the concerns surrounding weapon availability and the loot pool heading into the Witch Queen in 2022.

After reintroducing a portion of weapons from Destiny 2’s previous expansions — Shadowkeep and Forsaken — that were removed in Beyond Light, the developer is now throwing players another tasty bone by re-issuing all remaining weapons from those locations that have yet to return.

All Shadowkeep weapons returning in Destiny 2 Season 13

Destiny 2 Moon Weapons Reissued July UpdateBungie
Many weapons from Shadowkeep, like the Loud Lullaby hand cannon, will return in Season of the Splicer.

In their June 24 TWAB (This Week at Bungie) news blast, the developer confirmed that all weapons from the game’s last two expansions that remained sealed away would finally return on July 6 — and with new perk combinations for players to chase as an added bonus.

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First up are weapons from the Moon, a Destiny 1 location that was added to Destiny 2 in 2019’s fall expansion. Here’s a complete list of the Shadowkeep weapons returning in Season of the Splicer, along with a tease of some perks their revamped versions can roll:

  • Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon
    • Tunnel Vision
  • One Small Step Shotgun
    • Trench Barrel
  • Tranquility Sniper Rifle
    • Frenzy
  • Arc Logic Auto Rifle
    • Heating Up
  • Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle
    • Cornered
  • Every Waking Moment Submachine Gun
    • Killing Wind
  • Love and Death Grenade Launcher
    • Chain Reaction
  • A Fine Memorial Machine Gun
    • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Night Terror Sword
    • One for All

With Bungie teasing that these returning guns can drop with some of the best perks currently available in the game, it looks like Guardians will have plenty of new loot to chase on the Moon once these weapons return to the loot pool.

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All Forsaken weapons returning in Destiny 2 Season 13

Destiny 2 Dreaming City Weapons Reissued July UpdateBungie
Fan-favorite weapons from Forsaken, like the Twilight Oath sniper rifle, are making a comeback as well.

While this round of re-issued gear will feature a slew of Shadowkeep weapons for players to chase, Bungie also confirmed that several guns from Forsaken will return as well.

Although the revamped Dreaming City loot pool is smaller than its counterpart on the Moon, some fan-favorite guns are making a comeback, and the new versions look to offer even more than the beloved originals. Here’s what you’ll be able to hunt down in the Dreaming City come July 6:

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  • Tigerspite Auto Rifle
    • Frenzy
  • Twilight Oath Sniper Rifle
    • Vorpal Weapon
  • Abide the Return Sword
    • Thresh

This is just a small sample of the perks these Dreaming City weapons (and likewise, the guns from the Moon) will roll with once they return, and if Bungie’s preview is anything to go by there will be plenty of refreshed gear to chase once the update rolls around.

Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2’s next major patch is scheduled to land on Tuesday, July 6, and while fans are already excited over the prospect of new gear to acquire, the developer also teased there will be more to come other than just the loot pool refresh.

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We’ll make sure to keep you updated on what else Bungie has planned as that July 6 date creeps closer, and as the Season of the Splicer continues to barrel towards what looks to be an epic conclusion.