Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year event: Lurking Stripes cosmetics, Charms, & end date

Behaviour Interactive

Wondering what Dead by Daylight’s 2022 Lunar New Year event, Lurking Stripes, has got in store for you in your next Trial? From toolboxes to flashlights, offerings, and cosmetics, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

We’re heading into the Year of the Tiger, and that means that Dead by Daylight is back with another annual Lunar New Year Event. Known as Lurking Stripes, this year’s event brings more of that familiar Spring Festival flavor to the game.

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As with every year since 2018, DBD has taken on a slightly different look for this holiday celebration. From cosmetics to gameplay items and more, here’s everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight’s Lurking Stripes event.


the Dead by Daylight Lunar Stripes event brings a new vibe to DBDBehaviour Interactive
Lurking Stripes will run for two weeks and bring a new flavor to the game.

When does the Dead by Daylight Lurking Stripes event end?

The Lurking Stripes event kicked off on January 25, 2022, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM GMT / 9 PM CEST and will end on February 8, 2022.

This leaves players with two full weeks from the start date to hop into the game and enjoy the feline-themed update.

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During this time, players can enjoy a more festive in-game experience, where Generators and Hooks are outfitted with a suite of fireworks to better match the vibe of the season. These will go off when generators have been completed, or if a Survivor has been hooked.

David King and The Artist's Lunar New Year cosmeticsBehaviour Interactive
The unlockable cosmetics all feature a similar theme: Tigers.

Dead by Daylight Lurking Stripes cosmetics

During the event, players can unlock different cosmetics and are also able to purchase a brand-new skin for Yui Kimura, alongside on-sale ones in the Store from previous Lunar New Year releases. The outfits on sale are:

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  • The Wraith: The Golden Ox – 30% off (840 Auric Cells)
  • The Deathslinger: The Oxen Bounty – 30% off (840 Auric Cells)
  • Feng Min: Spring Festival – 50% off (600 Auric Cells)
  • Ace Visconti: Seasoned Gambler – 50% off (600 Auric Cells)
  • Jeff Johansen: New Year Showgoer – 50% off (600 Auric Cells)
Yui Kimura's new Lurking Stripes outfit in DBDBehaviour Interactive
Yui Kimura’s new skin in DBD is one of the featured outfits of the event.

Below, we’ve listed all of the eight unlockable cosmetics that Survivors and Killers can collect throughout the event from Red Envelopes:

Killer / Survivor Rewards
The Artist Entrancing Gown + Glaring Blood
The Clown Savage Smile
David King Striped Punk Pants
Jane Romero Striped Top
Kate Denson Claw-Marked Beanie
The Nurse Festive Gown
The Trapper Golden Stinger

There’s also two Lunar New Year-themed Charms up for grabs – Lunar Tiger and Courageous Tiger – as shown in the below image.

An image of the two unlockable Lurking Stripes charmsBehaviour Interactive
The two lion-themed charms will look great on a Survivor or hanging from a Killer’s hook.

Dead by Daylight Lurking Stripes free Bloodpoints

During the event, players will be able to receive a free daily prize of 50,000 Bloodpoints, just by logging in. Called ‘The Daily Bounty’, this is one gift that should not be passed up.

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You’ll also be able to earn more Bloodpoints during a trial by utilizing the event’s Red Envelopes, detailed under the next subheading. For DBD codes to redeem even more Bloodpoints and Charms, make sure to check out our dedicated guide.

An image that shows information about the Lurking Stripes Lunar New Year event in Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive
There’s lots to keep you occupied with in your next Trial for Dead by Daylight’s Lurking Stripes event

Dead by Daylight Lurking Stripes items and offerings

The main focus of the event will be on collecting Lunar offerings in the form of hóngbāo. These iconic Red Envelopes represent good luck and prosperity in many East Asian cultures and will reflect that in-game by rewarding players with additional Bloodpoints.

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Available within your Bloodweb, the Red Envelope offering can be used to spawn it in your next Trial.

  • All players will be able to claim the envelope, but only one person can do so (unless you’re interacting with your own).
  • During a match, the Aura of your envelope will be visible to you. Upon interacting with it, it will reveal its location to all other players.
  • Once it’s been claimed by someone else, both you and that player will receive a varying amount of Bloodpoints, called ‘Tiger’s Blessing’, along with the owner of that envelope receiving one of the eight Lunar cosmetics.
An image of the Festive Toolbox item in DBDBehaviour Interactive
While the Festive Toolbox may have a much faster repair rate than some of its other counterparts, it’s also a little noisier, too.

As well as Red Envelopes, there’s also two new items that Survivors can use, too, each providing its own positives and negatives within a Trial:

Item Results
Festive Toolbox
  • 32 charges, and repair speed is increased by 50%. Also unlocks the ‘sabotage’ action.
  • Great Skill Checks detonate a small cluster of fireworks, whereas Failed Skill Checks send off fireworks,
Chinese Firecracker
  • Detonates into loud bangs and intense light flashes. Can be used as a distraction, or to temporarily blind Killers.

Lurking Stripes DBD event trailer

For a more in-depth look at everything on offer in the Lurking Stripes event in DBD, make sure to take a look at the trailer shared by Behaviour Interactive:

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight’s Lurking Stripes Lunar event and its free rewards track.

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