Hilarious GTA Easter Egg discovered in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk Big SmokeCD Projekt Red/Rockstar

One Cyberpunk 2077 player, who also knows their stuff when it comes to GTA, shared some easter eggs they discovered that recall one of the most infamous missions from San Andreas.

As people have begun to venture into the world of Cyberpunk, they’ve discovered that the game is chock-full of pop-culture nods, hidden secrets, and easter eggs shouting out other games, including San Andreas.

Reddit user ‘Spacer1997’ found what is certainly a reference to the legendary game and decided to post it for that sweet, sweet karma, but what they uncovered goes much deeper than a simple text conversation.

In San Andreas, there’s a mission called ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ where CJ has to ride a motorcycle and chase a rival gang attempting to flee on the back of a train. And the mission’s dialogue follows almost exactly like what’s included in the Cyberpunk easter egg, with a few differences like “Little Smoke” instead of “Big Smoke,” and “JC” instead of “CJ.”

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The shard this particular text is on can be located “outside of rivers trailer park on the train tracks heading east. Just before the tunnel,” according to Spacer in the comments.

If you fail the mission in San Andreas, which is pretty easy to do, Big Smoke will break out one of the most famous lines in all of Grand Theft Auto History — “All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!”

But that’s not where this particular rabbit hole ends. Outside of a random train tunnel, you can actually find the bodies of poor JC and Little Smoke next to a wrecked motorbike right on top of the tracks.

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If that’s not enough morbid humor for you, next to Little Smoke’s body is a half-eaten cheeseburger, an obvious reference to Big Smoke’s ridiculous fast food order, which has also become a meme all its own.

But wait, there’s more! Little Smoke is also fully decked out in the Grove Street Family’s green, in case there was any doubt remaining in your mind that this could be a coincidence.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video game franchises in history, and San Andreas could definitely be considered an ancestor to Cyberpunk along with a ton of other games, so it’s no wonder a small tribute made its way in. As time goes on, we can’t wait to see what else players discover on the mean streets of Night City.

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