Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay leaks have started as physical copies arrive

Marco Rizzo
Cyberpunk leak

After multiple delays, Cyberpunk 2077’s release is just around the corner. CD Projekt RED has begun delivering physical copies to stores ahead of the December 10th release – leading to multiple leaks online. 

The most anticipated game of the year, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to release on December 10. With the game’s history of numerous delays, there was some skepticism about meeting its new deadline, especially after leaks hinting at a fourth delay.

CD Projekt RED quickly shut down these rumors and reassured gamers that Cyberpunk will be published in December.

Developed by the same studio which brought us The Witchers games, Cyberpunk 2077 was originally to be released in April 2020 but saw three delays as CD Projekt aims to deliver the quality game fans are expecting.

But there is some good news on the horizon. CD Projekt RED has started delivering physical copies to various retailers around the world, confirming once and for all that the game will be released with no further delays.

Cyberpunk gameplay leaks begin

The bad news is that due to the game’s copies arriving in warehouses, they are being acquired by people that have wasted no time in leaking gameplay footage online.

Several pictures of the game’s case have been released, showing the design and blurb at the back.

The most substantial leak came from two guys who after getting their hands on a copy, started streaming the first section of the game on YouTube.

While CD Projekt RED was lighting fast in taking down the video from the Google-owned platform, the damage was done and 20 minutes of gameplay was leaked.

CD PROJEKT REDCD PROJEKT RED has promised an incredible amount of detail in their new title

While no major spoilers were reportedly shown, the leakers were able to show the character creation tool and spent several minutes browsing the menus and talking to NPCs.

This is not the first time Cyberpunk 2077 is the target of a leak, the list of Achievements and Trophies for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 was leaked weeks before the game’s release.

Only a few days ago, an anonymous user on a message board reportedly released the encrypted files of an early build of the game.