What CSGO players are still available as free agents or transfers?

ESL / DreamHack

Over a month removed from the StarLadder Berlin major, and a plethora of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive talent is still available as free agents and on the benches of other pro teams.

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What was expected to be a wild post-major roster shuffle has been relatively quiet. The biggest transfer to occur was one that was widely rumored and reported multiple times before it was officially announced, that being the transfer of coldzera to FaZe Clan.

There are still a huge number of available Counter-Strike players right this moment, as pointed out by French CS:GO reporter neLendirekt.

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NeL delivers a long list of CS:GO veterans and up-and-comers, following up with the idea that just from that pool alone you could create “a couple of good international teams.”

Left off of this list are two of the biggest “available” names in Counter-Strike in aleksib and NBK. NeL is the reporter who broke the initial story that Dota 2 organizationOG was looking to bring in both players to be the centerpieces of their CS:GO roster.

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In a later report submitted to Dexerto, CS:GO insider Jared “DeKay” Lewis reported that OG were “at odds” with ENCE and Vitality over transfer sums for the players.

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But even if those two names aren’t included, the list of available players is still incredibly impressive. The recently departed OpTic Gaming roster is on there, which includes a terrific in-game leader in MSL, a potentially reformed star in k0nfig, and a blossoming talent in niko.

DreamHackMSL leading OpTic at a DreamHack event
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The ex-Luminosity players (steel, boltz, and NEKIZ) are on there as well. Steel and boltz are both former major grand finalists, reaching the PGL Krakow finals in 2017, and boltz had an impressive campaign with MiBR before he was replaced with tarik.

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The list of available players is also loaded with veterans from formerly legendary teams. Three members of the legendary Ninjas in Pyjamas are all available, in Xizt, friberg, and GeT_RiGhT, as are members of the Virtus.Pro legendary team: pashabiceps, NEO, and byali.

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Some of these players may not stay on this list for very long, however. DeKay reports, according to multiple sources, that Swedish players freddieb and Draken will be heading to GODSENT soon. GODSENT recently made their return to CSGO with legendary player pronax leading the division.

GODSENT isn’t the only organization that promised to make a big move into Counter-Strike, and like GODSENT, the other organizations haven’t officially made the moves yet, for the most part.

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Organizations such as 100 Thieves, Dignitas, and Misfits all indicated that they wanted to make their way into CS:GO, and have all remained quiet since then.

If any of those organizations do decide to make moves, or if other big moves do end up happening, you know to check in here to Dexerto to get all the info.