Team Liquid’s Stewie2k pulls off crazy Nuke rush to bag swift 4k in CSGO

Andy Williams. Last updated: Dec 23, 2019

Fresh off the back of falling short to Astralis at the BLAST Pro Series Finals, Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip has yet again proven why he’s up there with the world’s best CS:GO players with a crazy four-man spree during a FACEIT match.

Stewie2k developed a reputation for his audacious pushes through enemy smokes and finding kills in seemingly impossible situations.  

While his role on Team Liquid has become a lot more conservative, Stewie still pulls out the flashy plays as part of his role as an entry fragger.

Stewie2k and co. have won multiple championships together.

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Being one of the most decorated American CS:GO players in history, Yip’s unorthodox playstyle renders him difficult to read and often catches his enemies off-guard. 

In typical Stewie2k fashion, the self-proclaimed ‘smoke criminal’ showed that he doesn’t need a smoke grenade to catch a team by surprise. 

While streaming FACEIT matches to his Twitch channel, Yip found himself on the T-side of Nuke and was looking to make a flashy play — and he achieved just that. 

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After bursting out of T-spawn, the Liquid pro bunny-hopped his way up past silo and vents to catch his first opponent completely cold near A-main. 

Stewie then made swift work of an enemy AWPing near garage before flashing his way into heaven and taking down his blinded opponent. 

Yip’s only real gunfight came during his final engagement inside A-main, after which he exclaimed: “I’m a f**king speed-demon right now!”

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With the help of former Counter-Strike pro, Mohamad ‘m0E’ Assad, Stewie made light work of his opposition in just 27 seconds. 

Needless to say that while this wasn’t necessarily a high-stakes, professional fixture, the movement required to pull off this play underscores just how mechanically gifted Stewie2k is.