CS:GO: Stewie2k proves he’s still the ‘smoke criminal’ with insane clutch

Kamil Malinowski

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip dominated his opponents in a Faceit Pro League match with an incredibly sneaky smoke push, reminding everyone why he’s called the ‘smoke criminal’.

Stewie2k is one of the most decorated American CS:GO players, having played for multiple top teams and winning numerous premium events, including a Major. His career started with various small American teams, where he became famous for his unpredictable, aggressive play style.

Since joining Team Liquid in 2018, the American has taken on an entry fragging role and reduced his aggression. However, on August 13, he showed fans a blast from the past as he made an extremely aggressive smoke push on his stream.

DreamhackStewie2k has been a key part of Team Liquid’s CS:GO success.

The Liquid player ran through two smoke grenades and a flashbang and somehow ended up between three opponents that were converging on the Dust2 A bombsite. He was armed with only an AWP and an un-upgraded pistol deep within enemy lines.

A quick no-scope saw Stewie pick off the first opponent near goose, followed by two incredibly quick AWP shots to take out two more Terrorists who were still scrambling to find out his position.

One final shot towards long secured the fourth and final kill, giving his team an incredibly unlikely round victory.

His teammates couldn’t believe what was happing, screaming “What?!?” and “oh my God!” throughout. The American seemed to be in disbelief himself, adding in a few screams as well as some joyful laughter.

Team LiquidStewie2k’s and Liquid’s next challenge will be at the Berlin Major.

Fans were equally impressed with the skill on show, one saying “I’d like to say the timing is just lucky, but Stewie always ends up in these situations.. pure skill!”

Others just enjoyed the vintage Stewie performance: “Don’t use smokes against young stew.”

It will be interesting to see if the American is planning to bring back some more aggression to his gameplay in more serious and important games, or if this was just a bit of fun in an online match.

The answer will likely be found at the Berlin Major, which is just around the corner, starting on August 23, where Team Liquid will head in as favorites, and the potential for Stewie to secure his second major is very real.

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