Shroud and CSGO tease summit1g with hilarious post-game molotov award

Mixer: shroud / Twitch: summit1g

One of the new post-match awards in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was awarded to Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar after he and his team won their competitive game. Unfortunately for him, it poked fun at his iconic blunder, and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek let him hear about it.

We thought the curse was dead. We thought it was broken. But it’s legacy lives on, and shroud suspects it helped influence one of the new post-match awards that were introduced in the latest CSGO operation. 

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After their match concluded, both players received their accolades, and the whole squad had a good laugh with summit when he received his.

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He had earned the title of Fire Starter, for either taking or dishing out the most burn damage on his team during the match. Shroud suggested the idea that summit was the inspiration for that “honor.”

“They probably made that MVP just for summit, too,” the former Cloud 9 CSGO pro and now Mixer star remarked. If they did, it would certainly be an interesting way to honor the Twitch star with a “fiery” professional CSGO past.

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Summit1g is a former CSGO pro himself, having played on various competitive teams throughout the decade. On more than one occasion, he’s willingly stood in during pro events when teams needed a substitute.

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During one of these stand-in occasions, unfortunately, he committed one of the most unbelievable blunders in the history of CSGO. While subbing in for Splyce in a game against Counter Logic Gaming, summ1t won a 1v1 duel against FugLy with his team up 15-11. All he had to do was walk past the fire from a molotov, defuse the bomb with plenty of time, and his team would win.

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As you can see, he had a little trouble with that. Splyce and the fans were already celebrating when summ1t unwillingly got too close to the flames and burnt to death, handing the round to CLG. With life behind them, the team would force overtime and eventually take the map, eliminating Splyce from the event.

The moment instantly became part of CS:GO lore. Twitch chats at pro tournaments would light up with the fiery 1g emote anytime a molotov whittled an opponent’s health all the way down.

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Summit himself was unable to shake its legacy, even in other titles like Call of Duty, until just months ago when he made a miraculous defuse amongst the flames on the same map as the infamous incident.

With the curse broken, its legacy will at least live on, if not in the lit 1g smote, then at least in the MVP “award” of Fire Starter.

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