“MOUZ are done! Ropz needs to escape!” | Richard Lewis Reacts

Andrew Amos
Richard Lewis tapping head next to MOUZ Ropz

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After an early exit at IEM Winter 2021 ⁠— including a “battering” against the new-look Astralis ⁠— MOUZ need “go back to the drawing board” ahead of 2022, according to Richard Lewis.

Ropz and Frozen are doing the heavy lifting, but it’s not enough, he says.

While MOUZ made some big moves to start 2021, including signing former Renegades IGL Chris ‘dexter’ Nong in a surprise shift, it hasn’t landed too well for the European squad. Now rueing an early exit from IEM Winter 2021 at the hands of Vitality and Astralis, it’s clear more needs to change in 2022 after a year with this roster.

Richard Lewis has broken down the downfall of MOUZ, why Ropz and Frozen need help, and what the team can do heading into next year to save their reputation.

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