Perkz departs Vitality after 2023’s LEC “super team” disaster

Perkz leaves Vitality super team failureWojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

Vitality spent big on their team in 2023, only for the much-hyped roster to fail in meeting almost every expectation. As a result, LEC star Perkz has left the team to look for new opportunities.

For the amount they’ve spent on star-studded LEC rosters, Vitality hasn’t had much luck since they acquired their spot. Their roster had a lot of hype going into 2023, however, with many thinking that their new signings would be enough to turn the tides in their favor.

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And, though Winter had a strong start with them topping the regular Season at 7-2, they quickly bombed out of the playoffs for that split and never quite managed to recover for the rest of 2023.

It was clear changes needed to be made, and Perkz has since confirmed that he won’t be staying with the team in 2024.

Perkz leaves Vitality after LEC super team failure

Vitality had 2 shots at building a super team. Their first go at things was in 2022 with Alphari, Selfmade (later swapped out for Haru), Perkz, Carzzy, and Labrov. Two players on this iteration of Vitality aren’t even competing anymore, though Carzzy and Labrov both made it to Worlds 2023 and have moved on to bigger things since.

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2023’s super team consisted of hyped-up Chinese jungler Bo, T1 trainee top laner Photon, Kaiser of MAD Lions fame, and, after Neon played for the first split, they picked up Upset. This team was even bigger and better than their stacked 2022 roster, and it arguably flopped even harder.

Though some had hope that Summer would be better after Vitality’s third place finish in Spring, they dropped all the way to dead last in the year’s final LEC split.

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Michal Konkol/Riot Games

All that said, it’s hard to imagine this is the end of Perkz’s career. He’s still a fan favorite player with one of the most stacked trophy cabinets in LEC history, and someone people still root for despite his lack of success with Vitality.

It remains to be seen where he ends up, but, with LEC salary caps being implemented next year, it’s hard to say what team he’ll end up on and how much money they’ll have left for other players in the case that he’s signed.

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