Twistzz reportedly leaving FaZe fresh off IEM Sydney win to rejoin Team Liquid

Carver Fisher

Twistzz has put himself on top of the Counter-Strike world in the past few years, and the CS:GO legend has even taken home the title for the first Counter-Strike 2 tournament. However, he’s reportedly leaving FaZe Clan despite their success.

FaZe Clan’s grip on modern Counter-Strike hasn’t exactly been unshakeable, but they’re easily the most successful org in recent years. 2021 laid the groundwork for FaZe’s modern dynasty and, following the signing of Robin ‘ropz’ Kool in early 2022, the team really took off.

They’ve since won enough events to take home the fourth Intel Grand Slam, resulting in each team member earning a solid gold bar and a rare throne that puts them amongst Counter-Strike legends.

The team was looking better than ever at IEM Sydney when they took home a win at Counter-Strike 2’s first big event. But, despite this win, reports indicate that Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken will be moving back to Team Liquid, the team he left for FaZe.

Twistzz reportedly leaving FaZe and returning to Team Liquid

FaZe Clan has one of the most expensive and experienced rosters in modern Counter-Strike. Their roster has literal decades worth of competitive experience between their five starting players, with IGL Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen having the most experience at a staggering 17 years of active competition.

It’s an incredibly expensive, high-profile roster that’s owned by an organization that has been deeply intrenched in financial issues for the past few years, with the org changing hands recently.

Though this roster is succeeding like few CS teams ever have, it seems that Twistzz is looking to return to Team Liquid according to a report from Dust2.

And, though Twistzz had strong results with Team Liquid in the almost 3 years he played under their banner, he never managed to take home a major despite earning the second Grand Slam with Team Liquid.

This would change with FaZe Clan, however, when he took home a decisive win over NaVi at PGL Antwerp 2022. This, combined with getting a Grand Slam on FaZe, made Twistzz the first player to ever earn two Grand Slams.

Reports around Team Liquid indicate that they’re aiming to create a super-team that can get them closer to the top of competition in 2024, the perfect time to define a new era of Counter-Strike. However, the move has yet to be confirmed.