How Subroza went from CSGO’s accused cheater to VALORANT trailblazer

Bill Cooney
Subroza CSGO to valorant superstar

Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik began his CS:GO career in the semi-professional scene, but was only a competitive player for five years before allegations of cheating began to swarm the Canadian prodigy.

While the claims, which were based on various suspicious-looking gameplay clips, never were proven to be true they still wreaked havoc on Roza’s mindset.

“I was playing and barely felt like it was the old me who used to frag a lot and play like I was the most confident person on the server,” he said. He’s always denied cheating in any form on Counter-Strike, but that stigma still stuck around for the rest of his career in the game.

Subroza Ghost csgo
Subroza was a mainstay in Tier 2 North American professional CSGO for years.

With the release of Valorant though, a ton of professional players jumped ship from CS:GO and other games for Riot’s competitive and widely-hyped 5v5 FPS.

Subroza would join forces with Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu and some other former CLG teammates to form one of the best-looking squads around during the Valorant beta. And have shown little signs of slowing down.

This roster was quickly scooped up by TSM and has since consistently finished among the best teams in North America during these early days of the game as an esport. Despite subroza’s turbulent career, he turned it all around in Valorant to become a focal point for SoloMid’s Valorant ambitions.

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