CSGO pro uses teammate’s monitor to play after game crashes mid-match

Carver Fisher
HEN1 CSGO pro game crash

Brazilian CS:GO pro HEN1 had his game crash in the middle of a round. But he made a last minute call to play on his teammate’s monitor to try and find a clutch play.

Tech issues are an unfortunate reality when it comes to esports. Sometimes, they just happen, and there’s very little you can do about it.

While some esports titles like League of Legends have a pause system as well as other countermeasures that can help counteract game-breaking bugs and peripheral failures, CSGO rounds go uninterrupted from start to finish, with pauses between rounds if needed/requested outside of very rare circumstances.

And Brazilian CS:GO pro Henrique ‘HEN1‘ Teles was more than prepared to finish the round despite tech issues.

CSGO pro uses teammate’s monitor to try and win the round

MIBR had a man advantage in round 8 of the first game in their best of 3 match against BIG when HEN1’s game crashed mid-game.

He was able to reboot the game and reconnect quickly, but, unfortunately, his monitor wasn’t working properly after the reboot. Without any other options, HEN1 used his teammate’s spectator screen to play with.

Unfortunately, his effort and ingenuity weren’t enough. He managed to land a nice AWP flick onto one of BIG’s members, but the other was able to take him out before HEN1 could chamber another round.

If HEN1 hadn’t crashed, this would have been a very different round for MIBR. However, his brief moment of ingenuity almost won the round for his team.

This wound up being a critical turning point for that round as well, and it gave BIG the edge they needed to turn around the first match.

BIG wound up taking the series win 2-1 over MIBR despite HEN1’s quick thinking through some serious technical issues.