CSGO pro Fer confirms he’s unhurt after car crash

fer playing for MIBRAdela Sznajder for DreamHack

Former MiBR CSGO star Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga has taken to social media to confirm that nobody was injured after images of his damaged car surfaced online. 

The Brazilian Counter-Strike star was reportedly involved in a road traffic accident on November 6, nearly destroying one of his prized possessions in the process.

It is not clear what caused the accident but the player’s Instagram and Twitter posts state, fortunately, everyone involved escaped unharmed. The only casualty of the unfortunate event appears to the car.

“Nobody got hurt,” read Fer’s IG story.

Fer's IG storyInstagram: fergod
Fer confirmed he was safe on Instagram after his car was crashed.

Moving to Twitter, the 28-year old thanked everyone for “messages of concern” before saying it was time to bring the “[BMW] Z4 out of the garage.”

Fer also commented on people that wished him ill on social media. “It is quite scary how many people hope for the disgrace of others. Instead of envying the other, use motivation to conquer your things,” he added on Twitter.

Images that surfaced on Twitter showed fer standing next to his damaged car by the side of a road with all passengers safe and most damage appearing in a material form.

His Porsche is seen to have gone into a fence, and will definitely need to be taken to the mechanic as a result.

Fer is an icon in the CSGO scene after his time in the Luminosity, SK, and MiBR teams in which he won numerous titles and two Majors.

He was recently dropped from the MiBR roster, and has since taken a break from competitive play.

Fer’s contribution to the CSGO scene is significant and we’re happy nobody got hurt in the incident. Hopefully he will be able to make a return to the server soon.