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Complexity CSGO parts ways with IGL blameF

Published: 30/Oct/2021 0:03

by Bill Cooney


CSGO star blameF and Complexity have parted ways after nearly two years together, and there’s no telling yet where the Danish IGL will end up now.

Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer is the third member of Complexity’s CSGO team to part ways with the org in less than a month. At the beginning of October it was announced k0nfig would be leaving, and a few weeks later poizon also stepped away.

On October 29 Complexity made things official, and announced blameF wouldn’t be returning for another season with the Dallas Cowboys’ partner org.

blameF parts ways with Complexity

After Complexity announced the move, Bremer confirmed he was indeed a free agent, and would be looking for a new team in the future.


“Big thank you to everyone in the organization and to @JasonBWLake for everything you have done for me.” blameF wrote. “ You guys have been so great to me and I am happy I took the decision to leave Denmark 2 years ago.”

Complexity seems set on rebuilding most, if not all, of their CSGO squad based on these recent moves. Now only jks, es3tag, and stand-in coldzera are left on the roster, and it remains to be seen for how long.

Where could blameF end up?

The Complexity side featuring blameF and k0nfig had plenty of first-place finishes.

Right now it’s unknown where blameF will end up. There are rumors that k0nfig could be headed to reinforce the struggling Astralis side, so we could very well see Bremer join him. It’s important to note though, that nothing has been confirmed so far.


With the year wrapping up and the PGL Major in full swing, we could very well see many more roster moves before 2022 begins. A lot of teams will be looking to rebuild, and blameF shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new home to ply his trade.