You can now play Search & Destroy on Dust2 in Fortnite

Scott Robertson

A new custom map in Fortnite, created by FaZe Clan pro Megga, allows players to play the Search and Destroy game mode on a recreated version of the iconic Counter-Strike map Dust2.

The creator tools available in Fortnite have led to some fascinating community contributions over the title’s impressive first two and a half years. Classic modes from other competitive games like Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch give players a break from the classic battle royale mode.

A new creation from FaZe Megga brings a beloved game mode from two iconic shooter titles and one of the most recognized maps from one of those titles to Fortnite.

Search & Destroy (if you’re a Call of Duty fan), or bomb defusal (if you’re a fan of CSGO) is now available from the creative hub, with a 5v5 or a 1v1 setting available. It’s played on a version of Dust2, a popular map that’s synonymous with the Counter-Strike series.

The Fortnite version is heavily influenced by the in-game economy system of CSGO, requiring players to spend money on weapons and utility at the beginning of rounds, just like that would in a competitive Counter-Strike match. It even has an a similar buy timer at the beginning of each round that expires.

Building is, of course, restricted in this custom mode, and it appears that all players on the same team wear identical skins.


To access the map, load in the creative hub in Fortnite, and go over to one of the featured hub portals. Hold down E to change the destination, and enter in the code, 9344-9150-4786. Once the portal is fully loaded, walk through to enter the lobby, invite your friends, and then press E again to start the game.

For fans of Fortnite unaware of how the game mode is played, S&D/bomb defusal is a mode that pits two teams of five against each other. One attacking team has a bomb that they are trying to plant and detonate on one of two bomb sites, while the defending tries to stop them.

The attackers win if the bomb detonates or they kill all the defenders, and the defenders win if they kill all of the attackers or defuse the bomb. Defenders can defuse even if attackers are still alive, and even if all they die, they can still win if the opponents can’t defuse the bomb in time.

Modern Warfare Search and Destory
Search and Destroy has remained a staple in the Call of Duty series since 2004.

This game is the definitive mode for CS:GO players, for both public matchmaking players playing competitive, and for the robust pro scene. Search & Destroy is one of the competitive game modes used in pro and semi-pro Call of Duty as well, including the Call of Duty League.

While this Search & Destroy is unlikely to become a focal point of the competitive Fortnite scene, it is an early taste of a game mode that is rumored to be officially coming to the game soon.

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