Counter-Strike 2 devs respond to insane “kickflip mechanics” upgrade from CS:GO

Jeremy Gan
Steam Workshop map screenshot of Tony Hawk in CSGO

Counter-Strike 2 devs have responded to one of the most pressing issues in the beta: even more insane kickflip mechanics.

Counter-Strike 2’s beta was preceded by a lot of hype, as you would expect. From leaks in NVIDIA drivers, reports from Richard Lewis, to obsessing over every single update to Steam’s database, it was a whirlwind to start 2023. And now with its release, we are seeing a lot of changes to the iconic title. 

From game-changing updates to the smokes physics, map design changes, upgrading their server sub-ticks to 128, and even giving players feet. No, really. But, a feature near and dear to some players’ hearts is the ‘kickflip’.

Unfortunately, while it’s still possible in CS2, and in some cases even crazier than CS:GO, it has some bugs too.

Discovered by CSGO streamer and s***poster PSP1G, the “kickflip” off of a rifle by standing on it and shooting it is now even more impressive in CS2.

When shooting an object in Source, you can cause it to move and bounce around with a surprising amount of power. The mechanic is responsible for many clips of retrieving AWPs from difficult-to-reach places, or even Portal 2 boat speedruns

PSP did also spot a bug though, as after kickflipping, his Scout skin was stuck in the ground, pointing to the sky.

“Thanks for this report; we’ll investigate immediately,” the official CS account joked.

Surprisingly, Source’s mechanics has spawned an entire community of players making maps for it. Such as Surf and KZ servers always being populated. In fact, a map creator, Syuks, even remade Tony Hawk in CSGO.

Either way, many want the kickflip physics to stay the same.