Counter-Strike 2 adds legs to characters and now players want shoe skins

Counter-Strike 2 feet and legsValve

Counter-Strike 2 has revealed a game-changing tweak, now enabling players to see their legs and feet, and fans have gone wild, calling for some brand-new shoe skins to be added when the game releases.

With the shock announcement of Counter-Strike 2, aside from a few leaks and predictions, many fans are jumping at the chance to learn more about the upcoming sequel to CS:GO. Naturally, with the recent announcement, new features, limited beta tests, maps, and UIs have been revealed.

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However, one announcement has driven fans wild, with many calling for a brand-new feature to be added. Through a tweet, Valve has revealed that players will now be able to see their legs and, therefore feet. Now, players are calling for shoe skins to be added, giving each player another unique flair.

Counter-Strike 2 fans are calling for shoe skins to be added after new feature

Thanks to the announcement tweet, fans and players of the beta now know that you’ll soon be able to see your character’s feet when traversing the new maps. Instantly, fans began calling for brand-new shoe skins to be added, with some professional players highlighting the idea too.

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The comments mostly shared the same sentiment, with many asking, “shoe skins when” or “boot skins when” highlighting the desire for customizable footwear that’s circling among the community.

Others, took a different approach, claiming that the smart shoes seen in the image were “shoe skins confirmed” rather hoping it was an already implemented aspect.

Players that were lucky enough to get access to the limited beta test shared their own characters legs and feet, with some leaving the caption, “can’t wait for CSGO 2.” The shoes in that image were different from the ones Valve shared, and seem to highlight a variety in design.

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CSGO pro Pimp, also weighed in on the new feature explaining some reservations regarding skill jumping, going on to highlight that “It’ll be fun if you could choose different kinds of shoes, running shoes, football cleats, working shoes, clown shoes” with many of his chat agreeing.

Needless to say, it seems the announcement of legs appearing in Counter-Strike 2 has got fans extremely hyped for the game’s release. Whether shoe skins will be added to the game is yet to be revealed, although fans are certainly calling for it.

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