Source 2 added to CSGO pre-release branch, teases possible release in next update

Jeremy Gan
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Source 2 has just been added to CSGO’s pre-release branch, which could potentially mean a release in the next update. 

The hype for CSGO 2 has been massive in recent, with many reports, from the likes of Richard Lewis, and a number of reputable leakers all pointing toward the coming release of CSGO’s next big update. 

Of course, CSGO 2 is a misnomer, as it’s not a sequel but a port of CSGO to the Source 2 engine. And it seems we may be seeing that version of CSGO by the game’s next update. 

According to Aquarius, a Full Stack developer, SteamDB, a website dedicated to tracking any changes in Steam’s database, showed files containing Source 2 were added to CSGO’s pre-release branch on March 14. This indicates that the next update could very well contain updates regarding Source 2. 

The file depots which were added are connected to Source 2 and Source 2 Workshops. And while the files were being added, the developed builds for CSGO were also updated. 

As players have pointed out, an update this big is very indicative of something large coming to CSGO. Which of course could be the Source 2 port. 

Another user pointed out that historically when Valve adds any new updates to CSGO, it is several hours in advance. But due to the amount of files, and likely the size of them, this update might come sometime the next day. 

Interestingly enough, the Chinese version of CSGO did not receive the same files, rather just small updates to its pre-release branch. This means if this update is a beta of the Source 2 port, Chinese players will not be able to experience it.

For context, Chinese players play a different build of CSGO due to government restrictions on media. 

Although it has to be stressed this is not an official confirmation of a Source 2 update to the game. Rather this is an indication of a large update coming on the horizon. Which of course many CSGO fans hope is the Source 2 port. 

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