Yaya Han’s beautiful Demon Slayer cosplay enchants Shinobu Kocho fans

Ufotable / Instagram: @yayahan

Prolific cosplayer Yaya Han left Demon Slayer fans in awe when she transformed into Shinobu Kocho. The anime heroine was brought to life by her insanely detailed costume.

Demon Slayer was the breakout anime of 2019, as its riveting story connected with viewers. The series follows protagonist Tanjiro Kamado’s quest to avenge his family after they are slain by evil.

Cosplay legend Yaya Han shared her take on the show’s popular character Shinobu Kocho. The industry icon’s costume of the heroine is so good, it’s almost like the Bug Pillar has jumped from out of the screen and into real life.

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Ufotable / Funimation
The 2019 anime has become a cultural phenomena.

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Yaya Han brings Demon Slayer Shinobu to life

In the story, the top swordsmen in the world are called Pillars, and belong to the Demon Corps. Shinobu is named after the ‘Insect’ and uses her pharmaceutical skills to heal and inject poison into her enemies.

Yaya Han dressed up as the deadly fighter, and posted her incredible cosplay on social media. She teamed up with ‘DokiDoki Cosplay‘ who supplied her with an astonishingly accurate black uniform, and a flowing white patterned kimono.

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Posing under a bed of scattered flowers, it truly looks like a scene straight out of the series. The artist perfectly nailed the DS character’s look with her purple streaked bangs, and her signature butterfly ornament that sits at the back of her head.

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How is everyone keeping busy and creative during these uncertain days? I built a set and did a cosplay photoshoot of Shinobu Kocho from Kimetsu No Yaiba! The Insect Pillar was an inevitable costume choice, everything about her is my aesthetic, down to the purple color palette and big sister role. Everything about Shinobu screams romantic and whimsy to me so I insisted on a laying down shot surrounded by flowers. Shout-out to @juujuugurl and @jessielykens for decorating me and the set, and to Jessie and Brian (Boling) for tackling the overhead photography together. It’s all about the angle. I love this photo and might offer it as a print if you guys like it. For once, I did not make the costume nor the prop, because there are fantastic ready-to-wear options and I really wanted to just enjoy the dress up process. My absolutely beautiful costume (uniform and custom printed fabric haori) was sponsored by @dokidokicosplay_official. They even gave me a Shinobu wig that looked really nice out of the box. I might style it a tad for a future wear but I wanted to do a shoot with it as is. Totally works! My sword was bought on eBay from another Chinese company, Cosjoy. Well made for the price and smooth, safe delivery. It was a bit jarring to just wake up and put on a costume without having agonized over a sewing machine for days beforehand? I definitely “bond” with a character way more when I make the costume but sometimes it’s really nice to be spoiled by a finished outfit! I did all the bonding during the photoshoot instead. ? I already am a repeat customer with both aforementioned companies and I hope that during this unusual year where many events are postponed or cancelled, you will consider supporting small businesses, artists, creators and entertainers through online means. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the current situation, and I hope that we can find the strength to weather this together. For me, the solution is clear – social distancing and hygiene. I’m staying in, washing my hands, training myself to not touch my face and keeping busy. More Shinobu photos are coming soon!

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Yaya teamed up with photographer Brian Boling who captured her in motion with Shinobu’s katana. In the story, Pillars are able to control their breath which gives them incredible powers. The cosplayer’s re-creation of the fighter’s “Butterfly Dance” quickly went viral with over 9.7k likes at the time of writing.

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The cosplay artist posted a close-up shot on Instagram which shows off the amount of detail that went into becoming the swordsman. From her striking purple eyes, to her multi-colored sleeves on her kimono, she absolutely transformed into the heroine.

Demon Slayer fans were blown away by her gorgeous take on the Insect Pillar. User ‘k8_ichigo’ exclaimed “Such amazing Shinobu. I’m shocked, very beautiful!” Another user agreed, stating “You are a beautiful Shinobu.”

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Demon Slayer fans were floored by Yaya Han’s take on Shinobu.

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Demon Slayer originally made its debut as a manga in 2016, although its anime adaptation in by Ufotable exploded in popularity. The series is so popular, it’s getting a movie that continues the story before the release of season two.

For all the details on the upcoming film ‘Mugen Train’ you can check out our ‘Everything we know’ guide here. Those wanting to catch up in time for the release can watch the first season on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

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