Naruto Shippuden cosplayer stuns fans as true to life Sakura Haruno

Pierrot / Instagram: @shirogane_sama

Naruto: Shippuden’s Sakura Haruno was brought to life by a cosplayer’s incredibly accurate costume. The faithful portrayal of the medical ninja went viral as fans of the anime series were blown away.

Naruto originally made its debut as a manga pilot in 1997, but went on to spawn one of the most popular anime series of all time. The ninja epic has captured the attention of many around the world.

Prolific cosplayer ‘Shirogane Sama’ shared her take on the franchise’s female lead Sakura Haruno. Her completely faithful take on the Shippuden adaptation of the character wowed fans.

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Pierrot / Viz Media
The 2007 ninja anime has become a classic in the genre.

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Naruto’s Sakura brought to life with cosplay

In the story, the pink-haired fighter belongs to the ninja squad Team 7 with protagonist Naruto. While Haruno is initially seen as a side character, she has major arc that sees her become one of the most powerful medical healers in the story.

Cosplayer Shirogane Sama transformed into the fan favorite, and posted her jaw-dropping take on social media. Photographers ‘‘ and ‘jkyle_ph‘ captured the talented artist as she posed as the heroine holding her kunai weapon.

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She completely nailed the character’s signature look, from her flowing short pink hair to her green eyes. Her costume is so accurate, it’s as if she’s jumped straight from out of the anime.

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Shirogane posted more photos of her outfit on Instagram, giving viewers a glimpse of the amount of detail that went into pulling it off. She re-created the ninja’s signature metal headband, while wearing a wig from ‘holish_cosplay‘ underneath it.

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In what could have been a scene from the show, the cosplay artist posed outside with flowers in the background. The post exploded on social media, and quickly went viral with over 44k likes.

Naruto fans couldn’t get enough of her cosplay, as they were impressed with how accurate it was. User ‘briandavidcampbell’ said, “Wow. You look literally identical.” Another user ‘3tandon’ exclaimed, “Best Sakura I’ve seen.”
Naruto fans gushed over the cosplayer’s perfect depiction of Sakura.

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The original manga ended in 2014, bringing fans closure to Naruto’s epic journey. The story ran across an astonishing 72 volumes, and has been adapted into multiple animations series.

However the most popular adaption was Shippuden by studio Pierrot, and ended in 2017 after a 500 episode run. Those interested in tackling the massive tale can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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