WoW cosplayer’s spectacular Jaina Proudmoore washes away the competition

Lauren Bergin
wow jaina proudmoore cosplay

Jaina Proudmoore has become one of the World of Warcraft universe’s most beloved characters, but one cosplayer’s recreation of WoW’s ice mage has won her Dragon Con’s seal of approval.

Forever the queen of the Azeroth’s vast oceans, the stunning Jaina Proudmoore has become one of World of Warcraft’s most famous faces.

The character is so popular that, as former WoW players continue to flock to Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV: Online, one player has recreated her in all of her icy glory. With Asmongold remarking that this FFXIV Jaina was even better than WoW’s, the character has etched herself into both Azeroth and Eorzea’s respective histories.

It turns out that she features in the cosplay history books too, though, as CosplayByKatie has snatched the Dragon Con Novice cosplay crown with her stunning Jaina look.

World of Warcraft Jaina Proudmoore on a ship
WoW’s Jaina Proudmoore bends both ocean and blizzard to her will.

WoW Jaina Proudmoore cosplay will make you shiver

In a spectacular recreation of the icy sorceress supreme, Katie has swept both fans and professional cosplayers away, winning Dragon Con’s Novice cosplay contest in the process.

Electing to summon the frost queen because “I feel that Jaina is a character that has a very interesting backstory that often gets overlooked,” she told Dexerto that she “wanted to bring attention to this character through cosplay so more people would think about her significance in the game.

“Jaina is a strong female protagonist in the game that has been through many hardships but prevails in the end, and I feel that she shares a good message of perseverance.” Additionally, as an avid WoW player, she “believes that World of Warcraft characters are not cosplayed enough,” and was “very excited to demonstrate my skills to make a character come alive from a game I have spent so much time playing.”

And bring her to life she did. From the tip of that iconic frozen staff all the way down to the intricate golden details of her iconic navy and pearly white armor, this cosplay is complete perfection. Even her hair and makeup are en point, with that brassy fringe framed by that cascading blond braid.

“This cosplay was the most intricate and detailed cosplay I have done to date,” she confessed to Dexerto.  “Several hundred hours were dedicated to patterning, design, stitching, 3D printing, painting, and rapid prototyping pieces for test fitting.”

Clearly, though, it was all worth it. Snatching Dragon Con’s Novice cosplay crown, she describes the experience as “surreal.”

“It was my first time entering in a cosplay competition and it was very satisfying to see my work being recognized by professional judges in the industry. I’m looking forward to my next cosplay at DragonCon to bring home the Master’s title, and hopefully other competitions as well!”


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Will it be a Blizzard cosplay, though? It might just be! “I absolutely have several Blizzard cosplay projects in the design and development stage,” she reveals. “My next project on track for completion will be a Demon Hunter cosplay inspired by Illidan Stormrage!

“As a sneak peak to some additional Blizzard cosplays in the works, I’m planning on creating the Covenant armor sets beginning with the Venthyr cloth set. I’m very excited to bring these debut these cosplays at BlizzCon as well as other conventions!”

If you’ve been enchanted by Katie’s stunning Jaina, be sure to follow her cosplay journey on Instagram, as well as join her on TikTok!

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