Valkyrae steals the show on Halloween with superb Valorant Viper cosplay

Valkyrae next to Valorant's ViperTwitter: Valkyrae / Riot Games

Valkyrae might be famous for her awesome streams, but she’s officially set the world on fire after slipping into a phenomenal cosplay of Viper from Valorant to celebrate Halloween.

People like to celebrate Halloween in their own way. Typically, you’ll see them take on a more traditional spooky outfit. Something like a ghoul, monster, skeleton, or even a character from their favorite horror movie.

However, it’s becoming more common for people to dress up as characters from video games too, especially ones with dark and somber themes. 

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Viper is one of the few characters from Valorant who falls into that category. Described as a chemist gone mad, she is a predator on the battlefield who uses poisonous chemicals to control and ultimately kill her prey.

Valkyrae Valorant Viper CosplayRiot Games
Viper is an agent who uses poison and acid to control the battlefield.

Rachell Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, is one of the most popular variety streamers on YouTube. She already has millions of followers and subscribers across all platforms. 

However, she’s about to attract a whole lot more after nailing one of the best Viper cosplays we have ever seen.

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“Viper from Valorant this year,” she wrote. “Happy Halloween!” Fans and followers have been pouring in ever since, professing their love and adoration for her outfit.

Valkyrae’s Twitter post has been skyrocketing in numbers. However, her initial post on Instagram is doing even better. Inevitably, it’s bound to set the world on fire since the cosplay is absolutely stunning from head to toe.

The mask, the gloves, the utility belt, and the outfit all look like the real deal. The knife and even the poison being emitted from her palm are a nice touch as well.

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Valkyrae Valorant Viper CosplayTwitter: Valkyrae
Valkyrae gives her fans a better look at the knife and belt.

The best part, however, has to be the green eyes. It’s hard to tell whether they’re contact lenses or an after-effect. Either way, they round out the cosplay to be as complete and polished as it could be.

It’s no surprise that the cosplay was made by Stella Chuu, who is a master of the craft with hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. Valkyrae made sure to give her a lot of credit.

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Still, a cosplay piece is as much about the wearer as it is the creator. Valkyrae wore it to perfection and made it even better than it already was.

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